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Interfaith Inclusion Leadership Initiative

Interfaith Inclusion leaders

The Interfaith Inclusion Leadership Initiative (IILI) is year-long program designed to help Jewish institutions and organizations create comfortable spaces for interfaith couples and families and expand their supportive policies and practices.

Participation in this initiative is a chance for you and one to three other leaders in your organization to dig in, think about the change that youd like to see, create an action plan and, with InterfaithFamilys help, make it happen.

Who should apply to IILI?

IILI is ideal for organizations who have already participated in an InterfaithFamily, Jewish Outreach Initiative, Big Tent Judaism or related training or professional development program. We consider this initiative to be a focused, long-term opportunity for organizational growth related to inclusivity of interfaith families. IILI is most suited for for institutions that have already begun thinking about creating comfortable spaces for interfaith couples and families through their policies and practices and want more guidance and resources to move forward.

The first cohort of IILI, to begin in June 2017, will be limited to synagogues and Federations. Other types of Jewish organizations, like camps, day schools, JCCs and others, will be invited to apply for subsequent cohorts.

A major focus of IILI is sustainable organizational change and we believe that this is most achievable through a strong support system. InterfaithFamily will offer special consideration to organizations/institutions applying in pairs or groups by region in an effort to build local, supportive, communities.

If you are a funder or organizational convener and you would like to explore creating a cohort of IILI for your community, please contact Mike Navisky at

If you are not able to commit to IILI for a year, but are still interested in professional development opportunities to become more inclusive of interfaith families, please contact Stacie Garnett-Cook at

What guidance and resources will my organization receive as an IILI participant?


If accepted into the program, over the course of a year, your organization will receive guidance from InterfaithFamily to make sustainable change to become more inclusive of interfaith families.

The IILI self-assessment tool and curriculum will help your institution or organization review their current policies, programs, and community culture as they apply to the inclusion of interfaith families. You will then develop an individualized year-long action plan and receive professional development, training modules, and follow-up coaching sessions to support you in meeting your goals.

Once an organization has submitted an application and been accepted into IILI, leaders from that organization will join a cohort of leaders from around the country and participate in an engaging, online learning series led by experienced educators.

Each participating organization will receive:


1) membership in a cohort of eight to twelve other organizations

2) an assigned coach who will support them in their goal development and implementation and act as a connector between the organization and InterfaithFamily.

3) access to an interactive webinar series intended to help answer hard questions and offer practical tools. Webinars will focus on topics like the fundamentals of interfaith inclusion, preparing teachers for classroom interfaith inclusion, developing and executing inclusive school policy, effective and sensitive communication with interfaith couples and parents, and more.

What is the time commitment involved with participating in IILI?


IILI is designed as a year-long program. There will be a variety of webinars offered throughout the year by InterfaithFamily that organizational leaders can choose to attend. Additionally, each organization will have access to a coach that they will communicate with on a quarterly basis. Much of the time spent participating in IILI is intended for work that happens internally. Organizations who complete a significant amount of in houseassessment and work under the guidance of InterfaithFamily will likely achieve the most desirable outcomes over the year and beyond.

What will my organization be asked to do as a participant in ILLI?

Each participating institution or organization will commit to:

1) selecting two to four staff and/or lay leaders to participate in the IILI training and spearhead efforts in their own organization.

2) completing an Institutional Self-Assessment for Interfaith Inclusion at the beginning of the program. This initial assessment will be used as the guiding document for organizations to shape their goals and timelines. Importantly, no two assessments will be alike, and therefore, we do not expect that all goals and measures will be alike, but rather site-specific.

3) having one or more organizational leaders participate in relevant webinars throughout the year.

4) communicating with the InterfaithFamily coach on a quarterly basis.


Apply nowHow does my organization apply to IILI?


You can click hereto see our application form for the Interfaith Inclusion Leadership Initiative (IILI). Please make sure to read the application details and instructions carefully. If you have any questions, please contact Caroline Fortin at


What is the timeline for the IILI application process?

Applications are due:
Thursday, May 25th, 2017
Notification of acceptance:

by June 9, 2017

First cohort virtual meeting will be:

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017 from 2:00-3:30 EST


Are there fees associated with participation in IILI?


InterfaithFamily is committed to making IILI accessible to any organizations interested in participating. We offer a sliding scale based on your organizational budget.


For institutions and organizations with operating budgets under $1,500,000 participation in IILI is $500.

For institutions and organizations with operating budgets between $1,500,000 and $5,000,000 participation in IILI is $1,000.

For institutions and organizations with operating budgets over $5,000,000 participation in IILI is $1,500.


Once accepted into ILLI, a deposit of $200 is due to confirm your organizations participation. The remaining balance of your program fees will be due within 30 days of acceptance (no later than July 10th).


If these fees pose a hardship, please contact Caroline Fortin at We are committed to working with you so that finances are not a barrier to participation.

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