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Fact Sheet is the premier web based resource for interfaith couples exploring Jewish life, providing in-depth, easy-to-access resources that empower couples to make Jewish choices and help their families embrace the choices that make. Our online resources include: Guides for interfaith families navigating life cycle events; articles, essays and discussions about the unique issues interfaith families face; resources for connecting with clergy, synagogues, and other Jewish organizations; and information on events around the country for interfaith couples.

Mission empowers people in interfaith relationships -- individuals, couples, families and their children -- to make Jewish choices, and encourages Jewish communities to welcome them. We believe that maximizing the number of interfaith families who find fulfillment in Jewish life and raise their children as Jews is essential to the future strength and vitality of the Jewish community. Through our website and other programs, we provide useful educational information and resources, connect interfaith families to each other and to local Jewish communities, and advocate for inclusive attitudes, policies and practices.


The online magazine was launched in November 1998 by Jewish Family & Life!, then a leading provider of Jewish media. Edmund Case became the publisher of the magazine in May 1999. In 2001 he founded the independent non-profit, Inc., which acquired the URL and existing content. Since then, the organization has greatly expanded the resources and services it offers.


Education is the leading producer of Jewish resources and content, either online or in print, that reach out directly to interfaith families. We deliver helpful, non-judgmental information and a warm welcome that can be accessed privately, at any time convenient to the user. Prior to November 2007, when we started publishing content on a daily basis, we published nearly 200 issues of a bi-weekly web magazine. Our content is organized by topics of interest to people in interfaith relationships, with more than 2000 articles. We also offer downloadable Resource Guides to Jewish holidays, booklets and life-cycle ceremonies, tips, blogs (including our Wedding Blog), and other resources. also produced the first-of-its-kind anthology, The Guide to Jewish Interfaith Family Life: An Handbook (Jewish Lights Publishing, 2001), to offer much-needed resources for interfaith families seeking to explore Jewish life. 

Connection makes connections among people in interfaith relationships, and between them and local Jewish organizations, professionals, and events, in a variety of ways. Our Network facilitates connections with other Members, with Groups, with Organizations, with Professionals, and with Events. As of July 2011 our Network has over 740 organizations in local Jewish communities throughout North America that welcome the participation of interfaith families. Our online discussions allow readers to support and inform each other by sharing their experiences. Our Jewish Clergy Officiation Referral Service is a free, high-quality service that as of July 2011 is helping more than 175 interfaith couples a month find a cantor to officiate or co-officiate at their weddings.

Advocacy advocates for attitudes, policies and practices that Jewish organizations and leaders can use to engage and include interfaith families within Jewish communities. We conduct surveys, speak and write in favor of outreach, provide resources for rabbis and cantors through our Resource Center for Jewish Clergy, and provide resources for outreach professionals through our Resource Center for Program Providers.

Media Contacts

For policy questions, background on intermarriage, history of organization, information on communal response to intermarriage:
Edmund Case
(617) 581-6805

For general information (requests for contacts, resources, etc.):
Benjamin Maron
Managing Editor
(617) 581-6861

Our Address
90 Oak St., P.O. Box 428
Newton, MA 02464
(617) 581-6860
FAX: (617) 965-7772

A member of the Jewish clergy who leads a congregation in songful prayer. ("Hazzan" in Hebrew.)
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