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December Holidays 2005 received extensive press coverage in December 2005 when Hanukkah started on Christmas Day for only the fourth time in 100 years.

We conducted our second annual December Dilemma survey, with new questions about whether the overlap of the holidays would affect interfaith families' celebrations and also about attitudes towards "Chrismukkah," and issued press releases in late November and early December. The survey was even mentioned in Newsweek magazine's December 19, 2005 issue:áSurveys: Merry Whatever!

Rachel Zoll, a religion writer for the Associated Press, wrote a story that featured's survey and comments from Edmund Case. Her story was picked up by numerous newspapers and websites across the country (and around the world). A listing of those media that put the story on their websites is found below; we know that other newspapers, for example the Portland (ME) Press Herald, published the article in their papers but did not put it on their websites.

In addition to press coverage, Edmund Case appeared on the "Religion & Ethics Newsweekly" TV show, which is distributed over PBS. You can read (and watch) the segment byáclicking here. Ed also "appeared" on radio shows in Montreal and in the Hudson Valley, New York area.

In the lists that follow, we have hyper-linked to websites where the articles have appeared. If the link does not work, the publication may already have removed the article from its site. If no link appears, the article either has already been removed, or is available only to paid subscribers.

Some of the newspaper articles mentioning (other than the AP article) that appeared in significant media markets include (many links expire within a few weeks or months of the article's original publication):

Jane Ulman's story for the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, A Recipe for Kris Kringle Kugel? Chrismukkah Time Is Here Again, which we reprinted oná, was widely published in the Jewish press, including in theáCleveland Jewish News.

We also were mentioned in several parenting newspapers and magazines, including:

  • Candles for Hanukah, Family for Christmas and Tzedakah Most of All by Amy Landsman. Baltimore's Child December 2005
  • Bridging the holidaysáby Kiran Ansari. Chicago Parent Winter 2005
  • We wrote an article that appeared in Parents & Kids December 18, 2005 Handling the duo-December Holidaysáby Ronnie Friedland and Edmund Case.á
  • We were also mentioned on a leading religion website,áDecember Dilemma Watcháby Holly Lebowitz Rossi.

Rachel Zoll's AP story appeared in the following publications that we know of:

International pick-ups of Rachel Zoll's article include:

Additional articles appearing in US media markets include:

Hanukkah (known by many spellings) is an eight-day Jewish holiday commemorating the rededication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem at the time of the Maccabean Revolt of the 2nd Century BCE. It is marked by the lighting of a menorah and the eating of fried foods. Hebrew for "righteousness," it usually means "charity" or "righteous giving." In Judaism, it refers to the religious obligation to do what is right and just, including giving to those in need. Hebrew for "candelabrum" or "lamp," it usually refers to the nine-branched candelabrum that is lit for the holiday of Hanukkah. (A seven-branched candelabrum, a symbol of the ancient Temple in Jerusalem, is a symbol of Judaism and is included in Israel's coat of arms.) Yiddish word for a savory or sweet pudding made from either noodles, potatoes or matzah.
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