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Hollywood Now: Baby News from Ivanka Trump, Seth Meyers & Adam Levine

April 6, 2016

Celebrity Babies


Behati Prinsloo & Adam Levine. Credit: Samaro
Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner became parents for the third time with the birth of their son Theodore James on March 27. Ivanka, whose father is Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, was raised Christian but converted to Judaism before marrying Kushner. Their older children are daughter Arabella Rose, 4½, and son Joseph Frederick, 2.

Talk show host Seth Meyers is a first-time father to a son born March 27. Meyers, who has a Jewish grandfather but was raised Christian, and his Jewish wife, lawyer Alexi Ashe, named their baby Ashe Olsen, honoring both the new mom’s family name and Meyers' mother’s maiden name.

The Voice star and voice of Maroon 5 Adam Levine and his model wife Behati Prinsloo are expecting. Levine, who is Jewish, and Prinsloo, who is not, will become parents this fall. Mazel tov to all!


New Movies


Jake Gyllenhaal & Naomi Watts
Naomi Watts & Jake Gyllenhaal. Credit: Fox Searchlight Pictures

The stars of the new movie Demolition both have interfaith connections. Jake Gyllenhaal, who identifies with his mother’s Jewish faith (his father is Christian), portrays a man whose life is unraveling and who becomes compelled to dismantle and demolish everything around him in the wake of his wife’s death. Naomi Watts,  who has two children with her longtime partner Jewish actor Liev Schreiber, plays a woman who helps him rebuild his life. The movie, which opens April 8, is not as dark as it sounds - it’s occasionally very funny.


Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett Johansson. Credit: Walt Disney Pictures
In Disney’s new film version of Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book, the animals are all computer-animated and voiced by A-list actors including Ben Kingsley, Bill Murray, Christopher Walken, Idris Elba, Lupita Nyong’o and Scarlett Johansson, who plays Kaa the python. Jewish on her mom’s side and raised in the faith, Johansson is in an interfaith marriage with French journalist Romain Dauriac. The movie’s director Jon Favreau was similarly raised interfaith, with a Catholic father and Jewish mother. Favreau attended Hebrew school and became a bar mitzvah. He and his wife Dr. Joya Tillem, who is Jewish, have been married since 2000. The Jungle Book is in theaters April 15.
Hebrew for "son of the commandments." In modern Jewish practice, Jewish boys come of age at 13. When a boy comes of age, he is officially a bar mitzvah and considered an adult. The term is commonly used as a short-hand for the bar mitzvah's coming-of-age ceremony and/or celebration. The female equivalent is "bat mitzvah." Hebrew and Yiddish for "good luck," a phrase used to express congratulations for happy and significant occasions. A language of West Semitic origins, culturally considered to be the language of the Jewish people. Ancient or Classical Hebrew is the language of Jewish prayer or study. Modern Hebrew was developed in the late-19th and early 20th centuries as a revival language; today it is spoken by most Israelis.
Gerri Miller

Gerri Miller writes and reports from Los Angeles about celebrities, entertainment and lifestyle for, The Jewish Journal, Brain World, Lupus Now, and others. A New York native, she spent a summer working at Kibbutz Giv'at Brenner in Israel and attends High Holy Day services at the Laugh Factory in West Hollywood every year.

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