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Q&A with Jim Keen, Author of Inside Intermarriage

Q&A with Jim Keen, Author of Inside Intermarriage.





To read an excerpt from Inside Intermarriage, see When We First Discover Our Religious and Cultural Differences. To read a review of Inside Intermarriage, see Can It Be Done? New Book Shows How Intermarriage Can Work.

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In Judaism, this refers to a ceremony created by the Reform movement as a way for young adults to show their decision to embrace Jewish study and reaffirm their commitment to Judaism. Confirmation is typically held at the end of the tenth grade. In Christianity, confirmation is either considered a sacrament or a rite ceremonially performed in a church. In some denominations and churches, confirmation is understood as bestowing the Holy Spirit. In others it signifies entering adulthood. In still others, it results in church membership.
Ronnie Friedland

Ronnie Friedland was the founding Web Magazine Editor of InterfaithFamily.

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