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Pregnancy, Birth Ceremonies and Adoption
A discussion board on pregnancy, birth ceremonies, adoption, bris, baptism, etc.
138 268 4 days

 Mychal Copeland

Bar and Bat Mitzvah
A discussion board on interfaith bar mitzvah and interfaith bat mitzvah.
84 131 197 days


Discussion board on interfaith weddings, Jewish-Christian weddings, finding a rabbi for your wedding and more.
150 374 71 days


Death and Mourning
Discussion board on death and mourning in interfaith families.
101 189 122 days


Passover and Easter
Discussion board on Passover and Easter in Jewish-Christian families.
137 193 400 days


December Holidays
Discussion board on the December holidays--Hanukkah (Chanukah) and Christmas--in interfaith families.
142 204 126 days


Other Holidays
Discussion board for interfaith families on Jewish holidays, like Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Shabbat and Purim.
218 360 80 days


Interfaith Marriage
Discussion board on marriage and relationships for interfaith families.
339 660 27 days

 Marryme in Greece

Extended Family Relationships
Discussion board on extended interfaith family relationships.
4 13 156 days


Growing up in an Interfaith Family
Discussion board on growing up in an interfaith family, interfaith identity, Jewish identity, half-Jewish identity and more.
117 248 77 days

 Robin Margolis

Discussion board on interfaith parenting and raising children in interfaith families.
168 274 38 days


Discussion board on interdating, interfaith dating, Jewish-Christian dating.
83 180 182 days


Grandparenting/Parents of Adult Intermarried Children
Discussion board for grandparents of interfaith families, parents of adult intermarried children, Jewish grandparents, interfaith grandparenting.
52 75 65 days


Discussion board on spirituality, belief, God in interfaith families.
183 247 16 days


Discussion board on conversion, becoming a Jew by choice, converting to Judaism.
125 240 252 days


Interfaith Families and the Jewish Community
Discussion board on interfaith families and the Jewish community, synagogues, Reform Judaism, Conservative Judaism, Orthodox Judaism, etc.
535 711 190 days

 Ira Zukerman

Popular Culture
Discussion board on intermarriage in popular culture, movies, music, TV and other arts.
621 777 26 days