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Article Discussion: Cutting and Covenant: How I Decided Whether Or Not To Circumcise My Sons

Started by:  admin

1 1 520 days

Article Discussion: Welcoming Esther: a Simchat Bat

Started by:  admin

2 2 562 days


Article Discussion: Two Sons One Circumcised and One Not A Scottish Presbyterian Hus

Started by:  admin

3 9 663 days


Article Discussion: To Circumcise Or Not: That Is The Question

Started by:  admin

1 1 737 days


Article Discussion: Our Sons Bris Shalom or Welcoming Covenant

Started by:  admin

2 3 768 days

 Melissa Catherine Silverstein

Article Discussion: Brit Bat: birth ceremonies for girls

Started by:  admin

1 1 771 days


Article Discussion: Where to Have a Circumcision At the Hospital or at Home

Started by:  admin

3 6 777 days


Article Discussion: Handling Hesitations over Circumcision One Couples Story

Started by:  admin

2 3 796 days


Article Discussion: Welcoming Babies into Intermarried Families Choosing Ceremonies

Started by:  admin

3 5 829 days

 Benjamin Maron

Article Discussion: Welcoming A Son Into An Interfaith Family What Is A Mohel And Ho

Started by:  admin

2 3 842 days


Article Discussion: The Battle for Uzi

Started by:  admin

1 1 968 days


Article Discussion: How Two Smachot Bat Helped a Jew-By-Choice Come to Terms With Her Catholic Parents

Started by:  admin

3 3 1020 days


Article Discussion: Baby Namings in My Interfaith Family

Started by:  admin

4 4 1039 days

 Debbie B.

Article Discussion: Infertility and Spirituality

Started by:  admin

1 1 1054 days


Telling Jewish grandparents about baptism

Started by:  Cath

3 14 1129 days


Viewing 15 topics - 16 through 30 (of 138 total)
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