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Article Discussion: What Am I If Not Jewish

Started by:  admin

2 2 664 days


Article Discussion: Affirming My Jewish Identity in America

Started by:  admin

4 6 689 days


Article Discussion: Not Really Jewish

Started by:  admin

2 4 745 days


Scholarship and angry parents – I need help

Started by:  Jadzia

1 1 796 days


Article Discussion: Culture Strengthens Religious Identity at a Jewish Summer Camp

Started by:  admin

2 2 816 days


Article Discussion: Family Traditions Growing Up in an Interfaith Family

Started by:  admin

2 2 997 days


support for the newly observant?

Started by:  Sara Davies

2 2 1007 days

 Mimi McKeever

Article Discussion: Why I Started The Half-Jewish Network

Started by:  admin

5 14 1158 days

 Lisa Minick

Article Discussion: I’m Jewish. Say Amen, Somebody

Started by:  admin

2 2 1189 days

 Patricia Offer

Article Discussion: The Chosen–A Comic

Started by:  admin

2 2 1249 days


Article Discussion: JACK Jewish-American-Chinese Kid

Started by:  admin

2 2 1290 days


Adoption and Jewish Identity Project online survey

Started by:  Jayne Guberman

1 1 1459 days

 Jayne Guberman

Article Discussion: Half-Jewish: Starting a Wholesome Conversation

Started by:  admin

3 3 1553 days


Article Discussion: How to Meet Your Great-Great-Grandparents: Filling In Your Interfaith Family Tree

Started by:  admin

1 1 1588 days


How do I give my child a Jewish identity?

Started by:  Michael Witkin

1 1 1592 days

 Michael Witkin

Viewing 15 topics - 16 through 30 (of 119 total)
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