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Article Discussion: Do I Really Have To Act All Jewish for His Mother?

Started by:  admin

1 1 64 days

Article Discussion: Should I Tell My Parents About My Boyfriend Who's Not Jewish?

Started by:  admin

1 1 112 days

Article Discussion: The Debrief: Will You Only Date Jews?

Started by:  admin

1 1 254 days

Article Discussion: An Interfaith Relationship – A Blessing or Curse?

Started by:  admin

1 1 274 days

Article Discussion: The Three Questions that Alienate Interfaith Couples

Started by:  admin

2 2 308 days


Article Discussion: Tips for Parents of Children Who Are Intermarrying

Started by:  admin

1 1 591 days

Article Discussion: How Jewish Are You?

Started by:  admin

2 2 634 days


Article Discussion: We Have Similar Personalities Passions and Beliefs but Different

Started by:  admin

4 10 638 days


My born again christian parents have converted to Judaism…

Started by:  Rivka Arun

2 2 879 days

 Phx Mom

Article Discussion: A Jew and a Catholic Walk Into an Islam Class…

Started by:  admin

1 1 953 days


Article Discussion: Jewish Men Are From Mars

Started by:  admin

3 5 973 days


Not Jewish, but dating a Jew…well, sort of.

Started by:  Mande Zierath

1 1 1055 days

 Mande Zierath

Article Discussion: Looking for Mr Goodstein When Gentile Singles Seek Jewish Mates

Started by:  admin

3 3 1128 days

 Benjamin Maron

My family doesn’t accept him because his father is not Jewish

Started by:  Yamba Yoon

2 2 1142 days

 Benjamin Maron

Feeling Guilty for Not Dating a Jewish Guy – Advice is Welcome

Started by:  Rachel

4 10 1152 days

 David Cohen

Viewing 15 topics - 1 through 15 (of 85 total)
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