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April 10, 2009 at 4:15 pm #1663


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May 7, 2016 at 7:42 am #21798


If you arecgoing to raise your children exposed to religion, expose them to one. Having 2 religions in our family created dysfunction. I couldnt get a bat mitzvah b.c it would have offended my christian grandmother. I couldnt pray to jesus b.c i wasnt being raised christian and it would offend my jewish grandparents. That isnt being allowed to choose- that is being told not to offend- with something as simple as what you believe and what your roots are and what is imprtant to you! Jt should be about finding your spiritual identity, your relationship to god, and having savred traditions to pass down from generation to generation. It shouldn’t be about watching your parents break out into a fight in church on easter sunday and having to leave, as an embarassed adolescent in front of half your grade that attends that church, or having to explain why you think you should be wiccan just to avoid the confrontation even though you have a strong desire to continue your familys jewish traditions. If you are going tfigaise your children interfaith, for their sake, at least bring them to a unitarian universalist church so they can fit in somewhere and feel safe and accepted on their spiritual journey rather than isolated and unable to share their love and understanding of god with anyone but themselves. What it comes down to is that all kids thrive when given structure and community. Whether they choose the religion you teach them about or not, the important thing is to teach them what being part of a religious or spiritual community is all about. I dont even think being a good person has anything to do with it. They will be good people if you teach them to be good people. Spiritual connection to god and community and a place to discuss morality do help however.

It is even hard for me to discuss religion with my husband out of a fear to offend. And my brothers downright refuse to explore their spirituality at all b.c to them religion and a relationship woth god is just something that causes fivhts. Thats not their choice. Thats avoidance as a result of trauma born from dysfunction.

So case in point: dual religion households- you might think you are not doing any harm to your choldren but you are. Choose or raise them athiest. Or like I said, at LEAST unitarian universalist. Provide them a safe place to explore god and create traditions.

April 23, 2017 at 4:35 am #23124


I came from a dual religious family with a lot disagreeable people. Didn’t cause me dysfunction. It showed me how dangerous religious fanatics can be and to make my own choices in life and stand on my jig

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