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April 10, 2009 at 4:17 pm #2047


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January 3, 2012 at 5:34 pm #6474


Thank you Hedi for your wonderful article!

Because we live in such a multicultural and multi-faith world, when my biological daughter was a baby, I recorded children from around the world, Israel, Africa, Latin America, reciting the sacred verses of the world’s diverse religions and beliefs, and then combined it with classical music orchestrated for younger ears, the result was something my daughter(now 17) and our subsequently adopted boys from Guatemala (11) and China (8) would cry for when we stopped playing it. I feel like it taught me that it is so important for us all to expose our children to all the Faiths so they become understanding, tolerant and eager to promote the oneness of all of these. To this day, my daughter still remembers the words spoken in each of these songs. (the CD is called Sacred and Classical Children’s Collection)

We traveled quite a bit to China before and after the adoption of WenJie, our youngest, and in the process I produced the music album for one of China’s biggest superstars, known for her singing as a child. Her name is Cheng Lin, and she is extremely outspoken about adoption, as she also has adopted a young girl from China and her music is bridging cultural boundaries in many ways, musically, culturally, and spiritually. I am proud to be able to promote the same pride in Chinese musical culture while bridging East and West. (Cheng Lin’s CD is called Greater Than Gold)

My wife is a photographer and she and her mother have put together a lovely children’s book that celebrates the diversity of children around the world and their faiths, including gorgeous images of the children and quotes of many of their faiths. We need these types of tools as we raise our little ones, so they can begin to see themselves as the new diverse generation of peacemakers and world-embracers. (Blessings and Gems is the name of the book)

I suppose we all do what we can to raise this great village, in little ways.

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