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April 10, 2009 at 4:10 pm #802


Click here to read the article: Two Sons One Circumcised and One Not A Scottish Presbyterian Hus

July 28, 2009 at 1:16 pm #3470


So you cut off the end of your son’s penis (and about 50% of the skin of it) to satisfy your desire for a spiritual experience? Disgusting. You sound very selfish during this whole thing, and I am certainly of the opinion that if there is a god he would not have held you in fault for not harming your child. You sound very selfish in this whole article – you wanted this for him? What about if he grows up to not want it for himself? What if he turns away from Judaism and forever resents you for lobbing off a part of his penis that his brother got to keep? No, it is not that you’re Jewish (I have no problem with Jewish people – I have a problem with circumcision and no the two aren’t interchangable) but I really dislike people like you.

August 30, 2009 at 3:17 am #3672


Calling this mother’s choice selfish is inane, babyish, foolish, saccharine, and pampered to the maximum. What has become of humanity? What kind of weak, anemic creatures have we become? I myself am female and envy the circumcision rites. Pain is not bad in moderation, it is part of ritual. The child will not remember that pain or miss that part of his penis, chances are very great. More likely the other brother would envy this signification. How dare you trivialize a loving mother’s choice for her children? Are you with the alarmists who consider one light slap on the rear cause to take a child away from their parent? Go out in nature, observe mother animals. Get in touch with rawness of life.

April 7, 2010 at 6:37 am #4504


Can you raise your son Jewish, not circumsize him and then let him decide before bar mitzvah whether or not he wants to go through with it?

June 26, 2010 at 5:24 pm #4772

Virginia May Reynolds

I have strong feelings on this one and let me say, first, I’m Wiccan.  Wicca is certainly not like what the movies portray in case anyone was wondering if I worship Satan, however, I faced that dilemma (circumcision with my first born).

Well, just to give you a bit of background, Dan’s father was Catholic and his mother Jewish.  They both died when he was five in a car accident.  Dan sort of miraculously survived; no one else did including anyone in the other vehicle.  Well, we had know each other for some time (through my brother) before we got together.  My family are protestant by the way.  In the UK, circumcission is not the norm but one of my brothers was because of infections etc.

Being the sort of vegetarian freak who is into nature enough to be a Wiccan I wanted a natural home birth.  Dan was fine about it but apprehensive in case something went wrong… also my gynaecologist is a personal friend of his and my baby being breach concern grew and grew… In the end, I accepted that my child’s safety and my own for that matter was more important than doing it all natural (some other expectant mothers frown at me for doing so but still…) so I did have the c-section and it was better than I had feared.  The fact that my little son was there with me was priceless.  Dan cried actually and he’s a pretty tough person.

Now, next question yes, he’s Jewish so: circumcission?  We had talked lots about it and to be honest, sorry if this comment is inappropriate for this site (feel free to delete it – I’m new here) I have had lovers of both types and Dan is certainly the best for me, although this could well have something to do with the fact that we deeply love and respect each other.  Pleasurable as it is; it’s not casual.  I also think the health argument is a valid one, although many would argue to the contrary.  I have argued this point myself at infinitum in parenting sites.  Yes, there is the identity thing also…  Okay, considering that my son’s grandparents on my side are protestant, on his side (although they passed away) Caatholic father and Jewish mother but my husband was brought up Jewish and that I’m Pagan, well…  In the end, I thought that this argument about lost sensitivity didn’t hold it up for me in my experience.  I accept that Muslims and Jewish people do it because perhaps the climate their ancestors grew in (hot weather, more chances of disease).  I’m all for giving my son whatever freedom he needs in religion terms but I thought this would be good healthwise and also yes, give him that sense of belonging into the ‘Jewish community’.

As I said I’m a bit odd because I have the most DIY religion ever but I’m highly respectful of all.  I’m even close friends with a Catholic priest for instance but I thought this was best for my child.

I know my decision was more medical than religious but I took the belonging/religious thing into consideration a lot too.  My personal feeling from when I was very actively researching this subject is that there are a lot of anti-circumcission feelings out there that seem to me more from the heart than from reason.  I mean no mother wants to put her child through pain, but honestly, my husband was done when he was 8 days and I’d certainly that he hasn’t missed out!

In terms of faith, I hear what all priests say about better one religion than no religion but we will be sure to expose him to as much as we can and try to give reasonable explanations.  Of course, Rowan is only a toddler but we still tell him that there is a higher force… Up to him to decide when he grows up sure but I think some kind of grounding is good and despite my not so commonplace believes, I would like the point of reference to be a major faith for him.  He can decide afterwards, ask questions etc.

June 26, 2010 at 5:38 pm #4773

Virginia May Reynolds

Just to add a tiny note, my family did not object and his aunt was very pleased that we had decided to bring him up in the Jewish faith, if perhaps only as a point of reference, given my take on freedom for the child.

June 26, 2010 at 6:32 pm #4775

Virginia May Reynolds

By the way, my long post was pretty convoluted but I just feel sort of strong about this subject and I decided to go the Jewish way for various reasons, not just to please my husband, although I was glad we agreed… Sorry that the arguments are not presented very well.  I was a little emotional when I wrote about my son…

January 23, 2012 at 6:01 am #6509


I hope you atleast did your research before deciding to do this procedure. You should never decide what is best for your child based on religious preferences. Religion has NOTHING to do with the life of your child, and to risk his life on something from YOUR beliefs is selfish and foolish. I wish you had the opposite change of heart as I and so many others have, that circumcision is wrong and an unnecessary procedure, with no benefits or moral grounds. It is heartbreaking to me that I actually let people talk me into circumcising my first son, but I know when my second son is born, I am much wiser and cannot be swayed on such a sensitive topic. Read literature, talk to friends, and please consider YOUR SON’S preferences before your own. I know your child is probably in middle school, but I hope other people realize what an ignorant thing it is to believe that this particular tradition needs to soon die.

December 1, 2014 at 10:09 pm #20490


Putting aesthetic considerations and personal vanity, in the quest of having a son “match” his father, aside, there can be no good reason for removing a heathy, normal, functioning part of s penis! Religious custom and the fact that it is a common practice does not make it right. In fact it has been shown that the knob of a penis that has not had its foreskin cut off is more sensitive and better stimulated during sex as the knob has not become de-sensitised from constant exposure or having to heal from a wound.
For those who espouse utilation on religious grounds I say, shame on you. Whether you follow a cult or whether you respect nature, a normal unmutilated penis is a perfect creation that no one should have the right to violate.

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