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May 21, 2011 at 4:18 pm #5802


My stepdaughter was raised Catholic as was her fiancee but they both have joined a Unitarian Church where they live  and wish to bring their pastor to the home city where they are getting married.  Her brother has refused to participate (and possibly not even attend) because he says it will be a Godless wedding (even though she believes in God) and the pastor has been active in promoting gay marriage.  This of course is very disheartening to my wife who is Catholic.  

My feeling is God believes in love first and religous doctrine second.  I think the brother is making a colosal mistake that will create tremendous issues in the overall family and that someday he will regret this decision.  He is a young man who had become more and more religious over the past five years.  To the point where it can be uncomfortable to listen to when he gets on the subject.

His mothe, sister and even his wife has tried to tell him his love and support for his sister needs to be the priority here becasue he doesn’t have to agree with her beliefs in order to participate in the wedding ceremony which will be outside in a park (one of God’s many churches).

What is your opinon?

May 21, 2011 at 5:49 pm #5804

Phx Mom

It’s very sad, but I’ve learned with my own situation (Jewish son/Catholic DIL) that the more you push, the worse it will get. 
It’s best to accept the fact that he simply won’t go and deal with it.  I wish there was something magical I could say, but I can’t.  In my own situation, I’ve seen the smallest thing blow up in my face.
The ceremony and celebration will last a day.  The larger picture is how he’ll treat the wedded couple and any children they may have.
My heart goes out to your family. 

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