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April 14, 2014 at 3:14 pm #20229


Hello –
I am a Catholic, married to a wonderful reformed Jewish man – and we are less than one week from having our first son. We have decided to raise him to be Jewish, but I will not be converting, and we will celebrate Catholicism/holidays etc..
Over the past month I had struggled with the idea of a bris, but after learning more and speaking with several mohels – I have decided to move forward with a small bris.
I mentioned this to my mother the other day and was met with severe (to say the least) backlash.
While I believe I informed them of our general intentions with our son (Jewish by religion and culturally both) even before our wedding, either it didn’t register with them or perhaps I wasn’t clear enough in my delivery of the message. As I discussed the Bris with my Mom, everything turned south very quickly. It has been a sad weekend as the relationship is moving very negatively in a time when things should be most joyous.
My parents are now saying they never want to speak with my husband again, and have threatened to not come to the birth of their grandson.
Does anyone have any advice on how to handle this? I am praying that they come around, but I’m not so sure they will and the baby could arrive any minute. I want to be respectful of their feelings, but I am heartbroken (as they say they are) and I don’t know how to respond.
Any help would be wonderful.

thank you

April 14, 2014 at 6:08 pm #20230

Mychal Copeland

Dear Holly,
What a painful situation. I especially hear how upsetting this is when you’re so close to giving birth and want to be in a joyous space with family supporting you. I think it’s tough to talk about online, so I welcome you to write to me at and we can figure out the best way to connect.
Wishing you strength,
Rabbi Mychal Copeland

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