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July 15, 2012 at 10:30 pm #7400

Shiv Patel

Hi, I am Shiv Patel. I am a proud Hindu and my son is in love with a “religious” Jew. Us being pluralists, we will be happy to join her to synagogues to pray their G-d, but will she and our grand kids routinely join us to worship our multiple humanly forms of the same G-d?

My son keeps telling us that they are progressive Jews and open-minded. Further, requested Bris or Bar Mitzvah ceremonies are for cultural reasons and not necessarily for a religious reason. Can the Bris and Bar Mitzvah be cultural and not religious?

Like BARAK OBAMA, I wish my grandchildren would have choices to select his/her own faith at 21+ years of age. We will not impose Hindu label on our grandchildren, however does Bris and Bar Mitzvah ceremonies label the child a Jew?

I read 613 mitzvoth (commandments) of Bar Mitzvah from Wikipedia and have serious objections for several of them. The First and Second Commandments state there is only one God and praying to “other” gods is not acceptable. Is LORD Krishna the “other” god? There are about 40 out of 613 commandments on “idol” worship and not praying to Human form of the God; are Gods we worship in Hindu temples false gods? There are about 25 out of 613 commandments on sex. Based on our culture, I am uncomfortable discussing sex with a 12 years old girl in public. Further, there are about 80 out of 613 commandments on how to kill and eat animals; I wish to replace those with one simple one – not to eat animals!! Can we amend mitzvoth that are objectionable to fundamental Hindu beliefs?

I would appreciate your comments, thanks.

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