Not Jewish, but dating a Jew…well, sort of.

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October 2, 2011 at 4:40 am #6168

Mande Zierath

I’m 24, just got my first job as a teacher and am dating a wonderful man who I’m pretty sure I want to marry. I was raised without much religion, until I was about 10 when my mom finally started attending church regularly. Many things shook my faith and I found I was happy not believing–just being spiritual in my own little ways. My boyfriend is Jewish. Now that I’ve taken time to study it I find it to be such a beautiful religion and I want to take part in what I can. But I’m faced with two problems.

One is that I just can’t believe in one god. Thus, conversion is out of the question I think. It’s more the tradition and values, the ritual and the culture that I love about Judaism.

The second is that now that we’ve talked about our future, not only do we want a Jewish wedding ceremony but we want to raise our children Jewish. This wouldn’t be an issue in a normal interfaith relationship. But in ours the problem is that he converted at the age of 14 and none of his family accepts his choice to be Jewish because he was raised Protestant.

We don’t want to make waves because our families both love us very much, but when he gets snide remarks from his family about his religion we worry about how they will react to our decision to raise our future children in the Jewish faith.

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