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August 15, 2012 at 2:57 pm #7445



I'm a 20 yrs old woman. My father is jewish and my mother is from catholic background. They are divorced and my mother remarried to my step-father, who is also catholic. They have always supported Israel and the Jews but 2-3 years ago I started to be interested in judaism. They were not happy. Half year ago I decided to go to Israel with a scholarship. THey were angry, but than I did not go, because my grandmother (the Jewish one) convinced me that  should go to a Taglit trip first. So this summer I went to Israel and I still want to spend a few months there with that scholarship. They were quite angry, but they seemed accepting it. But now I needed some papers from my mother and my step-father and the quarrel broke out. They are totally against this journey. They think it is dangerous and don't understand, why do I want to go to Israel. I tried to explain it, but they always say 'You are brainwashed' 'It is just bullshit'. They probably give me those papers, but I want to explain them my feelings. Do you have any idea, how?

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