Event Planners: Take Note!


Very excited to be writing my first blog post for InterfaithFamily.com.  It’s officially my 2nd week as IFF’s new Director of Development, and so far, everything is going extremely well!

My co-worker, Benjamin Maron, sent me a link to a great article on CNN’s website, focusing on intercultural and interfaith weddings.    Recently, I was meeting with an event planner from an upscale hotel in Boston and I told him I was joining the staff at IFF.  He immediately jumped up and said, “Wow, that’s a fabulous idea for an organization!”  He mentioned that, as a wedding planner, he is often looking for officiants for interfaith marriages, and could use a resource like IFF to share with his clients.  It hadn’t occurred to me that IFF could be a great resource for event planners.   So, when I met with another event planner a few weeks later, I proactively mentioned IFF and its potential usability for him and his fellow event planners.  He, too, was hooked. 

I think it’s a good start – a few more key people now know about this website, and can share it as a resource for interfaith couples embarking on that next step in their life: marriage.


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3 thoughts on “Event Planners: Take Note!

  1. I want to add that the CNN post reminded me of the beautiful photo that accompanied an article we published back in January, “[url=http://www.interfaithfamily.com/life_cycle/interfaith_weddings/Where_There_is_Love_There_is_Life_A_Hin-Jew_Wedding_in_Texas.shtml]Where There is Love There is Life: A Hin-Jew Wedding in Texas[/url].

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