An American Royal Wedding?


You might read some articles online claiming that this weekend there will be an American Royal Wedding. Now, I’m not sure if that’s accurate, but there are some amusing lines in one column in particular. My comments in italics for, hopefully, your amusement. Be warned: I’m channeling my innermost gossip columnist for this blog post.

This Sunday, David Lauren, son of legendary designer Ralph Lauren, and Lauren Bush, granddaughter of President George H.W. and niece of President George W., will join forces in holy matrimony.
I’m glad we’re not the only ones who understand that interfaith marriages can still be holy.
The Labor Day weekend event, held at Ralph Lauren’s Colorado ranch, will fuse the fashions of two of America’s famed family dynasties. Think cowboy boots and American flags with a few diamonds sprinkled in.
Fuse… fashion… famed family… Were they paid to alliterate? Also, is the Bush family really known for its fashion?
Lauren, 27, met her 39-year-old fiance in 2004, when she was still a student at Princeton University. It was the classic tale of boy meets girl at a fashion gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
That’s a classic tale?
Girl faces dilemma of taking boy’s last name, which is the same as her first.
If I had a nickel…
After six years of courtship, David, a VP at his father’s company, proposed to Lauren, a handbag designer and philanthropist, on the steps of the Met. She said yes and settled on being the future Mrs. Lauren Bush-Lauren.
Phew. Not Mrs. Lauren Lauren. Though, Mrs. Lauren Lifshitz has a nice ring to it…

In all seriousness, this should be a lovely wedding. And not just because the dress code is “black tie with a ‘Western twist.” (Does Ralph Lauren make wedding dresses that meet those specifications?) None of the articles have given any clues to how the couple will bring together their two religions for the ceremony, but if we find out, we’ll let you know.

Mazal tov, Lauren and David!


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2 thoughts on “An American Royal Wedding?

  1. A big thanks to [url=]Julie Wiener who reported[/url] on the details of this weekend’s [s]royal[/s] wedding.

    [quote]Central Synagogue’s Rabbi/Cantor [url=]Angela Buchdahl[/url] apparently did the honors this weekend as Lauren Bush (W’s niece and George H.W.’s granddaughter) married David Lauren (fashion designer Ralph Lauren’s son).

    From what I read on the Us Magazine website … this was, unlike the Clinton-Mezvinsky ceremony which was co-officiated, an all-Jewish interfaith wedding. Or, as some commenter will no doubt hasten to add, a “Jewish-style” interfaith wedding, since “interfaith Jewish wedding” is, to many, an oxymoron. [/quote]

    [url=]Julie also has[/url] an excerpt about Rabbi/Cantor Buchdahl, [url=]who has written for us before[/url] and comes from a mixed heritage, interfaith family as well.

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