Ahoy Mateys


I know there aren’t many people who are terribly worried about this, but I am deeply amused that this year, Talk Like a Pirate Day falls on the first day of Rosh HaShanah.

“Shiver me timbers, it’s time to sing Avinu Malkenu and blow the shofar, mateys! Arrrrrr, me hearties, if you don’t pass me the teiglach, I’ll make ye walk the plank! Smartly with the grog, me beauties, ’tis kiddush we’ll be havin’!  L’Shanah Tovah! Arrrrr!”

My husband doesn’t think this is funny. 

(I know, we won’t be blowing the shofar or singing Avinu Malkenu this year on the first day of Rosh HaShanah, because it falls on Shabbat. But would a pirate know that?)


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7 thoughts on “Ahoy Mateys

  1. check literature about blowing the shofar on shabat.  Different pirates do different things.[color=purple][font=Verdana][/font][/color]

  2. Are there pirates who will blow the shofar on Shabbat? Well, shiver me timbers and blow me down, I had no idea! The Cap’n wishes a happy new year to all me diverse hearties everywhere in this month of Elul. Arrrrrh.

  3. My kids have no sense of humor either, but I thought it was hilarious!
    Arrr! I’ll be wearin’ me eye-patch and trainin’ me parrot to say ‘Amen’.

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