Lag B’Omer How-To Video

My managing editor loves a good barbeque, and wanted to know if we had any good content for Lag B’Omer.

“Lag B’Omer!” I said. “Talk about a difficult to explain Jewish holiday!” I had a vision of my Hebrew school textbook, with the picture of children in the woods, pretending to be Rabbi Akiva and his followers and shooting arrows.¬† For some reason, the 33rd day of Omer, the countdown between Passover and Shavuot, is associated with the rebellion of Bar Kochba against the Romans. See what I mean about difficult to explain?

I admit, I was feeling guilty¬†about not counting the Omer as I had planned to do.¬†I had planned to count this year, thinking that my son, who at five is in love with counting things, would enjoy it. All it would take would be post-it notes all over the apartment, reminding me to count. I have counted a few times, but the custom is that you get to say a blessing before you recite the count if you don’t miss any days. Of course I missed the first day, as I usually do.

It was probably too ambitious when we can’t even keep up with our page-a-day bird calendar that I bought my child for Hanukah.

I’m lucky. Look at this video from the Los Angeles Jewish Journal about Lag B’Omer! It’s funny, and no archery!


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