The Wedding!


This was originally published as The Blogging Bride in’s Web Magazine.

All was ready. Downstairs, I could hear the string quartet tuning up as guests began to mill about and be seated. As I stood upstairs in the ballroom, I was surprised at how calm I felt. I had fully expected to be a nervous wreck by this time, but I just felt ready–ready to be married to the love of my life, ready to have a fun evening, ready to not be planning the wedding anymore!

Planning our interfaith wedding had been onerous at times, and I felt a little guilty at not being nervous. The rabbi and minister didn’t meet until an hour before the ceremony was to begin. They had talked via e-mail and on the phone about our ceremony, but they hadn’t met face-to-face. Shouldn’t that have made me nervous? What about the ceremony? It was different than any our families have ever witnessed before–should I have been nervous about how they’d react to it? Why wasn’t I?

Preparation… that’s why I didn’t feel nervous. Bryan and I spent the last nine months working diligently to make sure we got the wedding we wanted, but that respected our families’ wishes and traditions also. We chose a non-religious site, the historic YWCA building in downtown Fort Worth, and searched for a rabbi and minister willing to co-officiate.

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