Introducing a new blogging couple


I’m very pleased to introduce our new wedding bloggers, Lula Jones and Alx Block. Lula and Alx have each written for us at They each wrote a piece about their baby Raiden’s bris and baby naming and Lula also wrote about attending the funeral and shivah for Alx’s Lulagrandfather.Alx and Raiden

Lula is an independent graphic designer and  Alx is a sales associate at the Jewish Publication Society. That was how I got to know them–I contacted JPS to get review copies of some books and was delighted to discover two new writers!

Like many couples getting married today, Lula and Alx are in an established relationship. The wedding ceremony is a way for them to formalize their commitment to each other. They met in Philadelphia when they were working together in a bookstore more than six years ago, and they have lived together for three years. I’m excited that they are going to share their thoughts here on as they plan their wedding.


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