Who are we? Arel and Yolanda introduce themselves


Hi everyone!

Check out me (Yolanda) and my fiance Arel as we introduce ourselves via our first vlog (video blog) and hear a little bit about your story and upcoming wedding plans. We’re very excited about this journey and look forward to learning more about Judaism as we figure out how to have a Jewish wedding with a mostly interfaith guest list.

We would love to hear from all of you out there. Please comment and show us some love or give your opinion. This wedding is a work in progress and we are eager to hear from y’all.



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5 thoughts on “Who are we? Arel and Yolanda introduce themselves

  1. Great intro – can’t wait to read your posts and follow your journey! January should be exciting and…[color=blue]chilly[/color]?

    Much [color=red]love[/color] – Andrea

  2. Thanks Andrea! Oh yes it will be very chilly…I think we’re kind of nuts. We’ll see when the day comes:)

  3. I think you guys are the best!!!!!!! I am sorry I haven’t been watching but now I am hooked!

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