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Successful Marriage Throughout The Years

June 12, 2017 by sylviasmith   Comments (0)

One of the best parts about marriage is growing old together. There’s something truly beautiful about staying together as the years pass and navigating the changing landscape of life as a team.

Like anything else in marriage, the secret to keeping your marriage healthy through the years lies in commitment and dedication. Making a conscious effort to stay connected lays a strong foundation now for a wonderful partnership in the coming years.

If you and your partner are ready for aging with attitude, take a look at these secrets to a successful marriage throughout the years.


Find new things to do together

No matter how old you are, there are always new things to explore and enjoy. Finding new things to do together keeps your mind and body active and gives you time to bond. Is there a hobby you’ve always talked about doing or a class you keep saying you’re going to take? Now is the time to do it!

Whether you’re interested in French cooking, hiking new trails, or volunteering in your community, new activities are a fun way to breathe fresh air into your marriage.


Cultivate your own interests

On the other hand, some separate interests are healthy too. Having your own group of friends and your own independent interests is a good way to stay in touch with who you are outside of your marriage.

A healthy marriage needs plenty of bonding time, but after retirement you can end up spending a bit too much time together. Individual interests keep you from stagnating. Having your own hobbies and social life gives you plenty to talk about, too.


Check in with each other regularly

Emotional closeness is key to a long term healthy marriage. That means checking in with your partner regularly. Make time every day to catch up with each other, whether over dinner or morning coffee.

Keep track of what’s going on in your partner’s life, and how they’re feeling. What challenges are they facing? What is making them really happy right now? Make an effort to stay close emotionally so you can grow old together instead of growing apart.

Don’t take each other for granted

It’s all too easy to take each other for granted as the years pass. The more time you take to appreciate each other every day, the better your attitudes to each other will be as you age.

Take the time to appreciate all the things you love about your partner. Maybe they make you laugh, know how to pick you up when you’re down, or give the best shoulder rub you’ve ever had. Maybe you can’t get enough of their home baked bread! Whatever it is, notice it, and be sure to tell them about it too.

Learn to disagree healthily

The art of healthy arguing is one of the biggest secrets to a successful long term marriage. Learn to disagree healthily without hurting each other and your marriage is more likely to last.

Healthy disagreement means listening to your partner with respect and taking their concerns seriously. It also means talking about your own feelings and needs instead of throwing accusations. You’re a team – keep that in mind even when things get rough.

Create a home you both love

A 2016 survey by Retirement Move in the UK showed that for 60% of respondents love meant building a home together. Big occasions like birthdays or Christmas can be a lot of fun, but the secret to growing old together happily lies in appreciating all the good things in normal daily life. That includes your home.

Let your house be a sanctuary for both of you. Decorate it in a way you both like and furnish it in a way that feels comfortable and easy to be in. DIY and gardening can be fun activities to do together, too.

Let each other change

We all change as we grow older. Your aims and values will be different in your 60s than they were in your 20s. Your attitudes will change too, and that’s perfectly normal. Your partner will also change as they age.

Expecting each other to stay the same is a recipe for tension. Instead, get to know each other anew as you change. Spend time learning what matters to your partner now. Changing together doesn’t have to be scary. Your marriage can provide a safe haven where you can both grow and change as you need to.

Stay physically connected

Physical connection helps you stay intimate as the years pass. A good sex life is absolutely possible as you age, but staying physically connected is about more than just sex.

Make like high school sweethearts and rediscover the art of holding hands, walking with your arms round each other, cuddling and kissing. Regular moments of physical contact throughout the day keep you feeling close.

Aging with attitude is all about finding ways to stay close and appreciating the little things that make every day wonderful. Make a commitment to growing old together and your marriage will grow stronger as the years pass.


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How Cyberbullying Affects Children' Emotional Health

July 5, 2016 by janarooheart   Comments (0)

parenting, kids, safety, cyberbullying

With the Internet and mobile devices becoming an integral part of our lives, a lot has changed. This includes the amount of ways kids are having for interacting with their peers and friends. In fact, some of them are already choosing virtual communication over talking one-on-one. But as usual, with all the good interaction there is always a bad one that comes along. And together with verbal and physical bullying that can take place at school, your kid might fall a victim for cyberbullying.
What is cyberbullying?
The traditional bullying has been identified as risk factor for a long time. And it is proved that both bullies and their targets are negatively affected by such behavior. But in recent years perpetrators have started using the Internet to exert their power and control over others. 22% of teens report being victims of bullying during the past school year, with 19,6% being cases of cyberbullying.
Most of the time cyberbullying is about harassing and derogatory messages and posts about kid on social media. It might take number of forms, such as:
● Cyberstalking: threats of harm
● Flaming: sending rude or angry messages
● Harrasement: repetitive sending of threatening or insulting messages
● Outing: revealing personal information about someone that was shared in confidence
● Masquerading: pretending to be someone else and sharing information that might damage victim’s reputation
The cyberbullying phenomenon is often provoked by break-up of friendship or romance, envy of peer’s success, intolerance to particular minority group, etc. The latter includes being bullied on the grounds of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or disability of any kind. But the reasons for it and the way cyber bullying is performed, the harm it may cause your child is indisputable.
How does it affect your child?
The worst thing is not noticing your kid is actually suffering from cyber bullying. And this problem is more common than you might think.
At first you might not notice any changes in your child (especially if you are not very close). But the stress provoked by being bullied will build up, and soon you will notice kid does not want to go to school and complains about illnesses. If you see your child starts having esteem issues and school performance problems, it is high time you sit and talk about what is troubling him. The key factors are always the same for every child:
1. Disinterest in school
2. Isolation
3. Anxiousness
4. Illness
5. Suicidal thoughts/behaviors
Bullied kids are likely to experience depression and anxiety, loneliness and poor sleep. Most victims are concealing the fact of being bullied - 45% of kids in UK do not tell they are being bullied in real life, and the percentage is even higher for cyber bullying. This is true due to various reasons that might include embarrassment and fear of further attacks on them. The reasons for keeping bullying in secret can vary, but it also adds up to worsening of kid’s emotional and physical health and wellbeing.
What can you do to help your kid?
Generally parents believe there is a strong connection between being bullied and committing suicide. And numbers claiming kids who are being bullied are 3.3 times more likely to report a suicide attempt prove the point. Thus it is essential that you help your child overcome the effects of bullying. Here is what you can do.
● Get involved. There is no time to be judgemental about modern technologies and social media. It is already a part of your kid’s life, and it should become the one for you as well. Friend your child online and follow his updates. Most of the time you can pick the smallest hints of danger from their online behaviour.
● Install monitoring software. This might seem controvercial, but choosing such software for all devices your kid is using daily will be your first line of defence when it comes to protecting your child from attacks.
● Report every incident of cyber bullying. It does not mean going to federal court every time something happens. But be sure you do everything for stop this dangerous phenomenon and help protect your beloved child together with all others.