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December 24, 2016 by Iren Grand   Comments (0)

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Rabbi Available for Interfaith and Jewish Weddings

August 25, 2016 by Rabbi Gail F Nalven   Comments (0)

weddings, Interfaith Weddings, NYC, New York

Looking for a rabbi for your wedding? Check out the pictures and quotes on my website,

I am located in Manhattan, NY and will travel throughout the New York Tristate area. I work largely with interfaith couples, crafting a service that is warm and inviting to both partners and their families. I will perform weddings on Saturday before sundown.

I hope to hear from you.
Rabbi Gail

How to choose best academic paper writing service

July 18, 2016 by Mary   Comments (0)

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How Cyberbullying Affects Children' Emotional Health

July 5, 2016 by janarooheart   Comments (0)

parenting, kids, safety, cyberbullying

With the Internet and mobile devices becoming an integral part of our lives, a lot has changed. This includes the amount of ways kids are having for interacting with their peers and friends. In fact, some of them are already choosing virtual communication over talking one-on-one. But as usual, with all the good interaction there is always a bad one that comes along. And together with verbal and physical bullying that can take place at school, your kid might fall a victim for cyberbullying.
What is cyberbullying?
The traditional bullying has been identified as risk factor for a long time. And it is proved that both bullies and their targets are negatively affected by such behavior. But in recent years perpetrators have started using the Internet to exert their power and control over others. 22% of teens report being victims of bullying during the past school year, with 19,6% being cases of cyberbullying.
Most of the time cyberbullying is about harassing and derogatory messages and posts about kid on social media. It might take number of forms, such as:
● Cyberstalking: threats of harm
● Flaming: sending rude or angry messages
● Harrasement: repetitive sending of threatening or insulting messages
● Outing: revealing personal information about someone that was shared in confidence
● Masquerading: pretending to be someone else and sharing information that might damage victim’s reputation
The cyberbullying phenomenon is often provoked by break-up of friendship or romance, envy of peer’s success, intolerance to particular minority group, etc. The latter includes being bullied on the grounds of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or disability of any kind. But the reasons for it and the way cyber bullying is performed, the harm it may cause your child is indisputable.
How does it affect your child?
The worst thing is not noticing your kid is actually suffering from cyber bullying. And this problem is more common than you might think.
At first you might not notice any changes in your child (especially if you are not very close). But the stress provoked by being bullied will build up, and soon you will notice kid does not want to go to school and complains about illnesses. If you see your child starts having esteem issues and school performance problems, it is high time you sit and talk about what is troubling him. The key factors are always the same for every child:
1. Disinterest in school
2. Isolation
3. Anxiousness
4. Illness
5. Suicidal thoughts/behaviors
Bullied kids are likely to experience depression and anxiety, loneliness and poor sleep. Most victims are concealing the fact of being bullied - 45% of kids in UK do not tell they are being bullied in real life, and the percentage is even higher for cyber bullying. This is true due to various reasons that might include embarrassment and fear of further attacks on them. The reasons for keeping bullying in secret can vary, but it also adds up to worsening of kid’s emotional and physical health and wellbeing.
What can you do to help your kid?
Generally parents believe there is a strong connection between being bullied and committing suicide. And numbers claiming kids who are being bullied are 3.3 times more likely to report a suicide attempt prove the point. Thus it is essential that you help your child overcome the effects of bullying. Here is what you can do.
● Get involved. There is no time to be judgemental about modern technologies and social media. It is already a part of your kid’s life, and it should become the one for you as well. Friend your child online and follow his updates. Most of the time you can pick the smallest hints of danger from their online behaviour.
● Install monitoring software. This might seem controvercial, but choosing such software for all devices your kid is using daily will be your first line of defence when it comes to protecting your child from attacks.
● Report every incident of cyber bullying. It does not mean going to federal court every time something happens. But be sure you do everything for stop this dangerous phenomenon and help protect your beloved child together with all others.

How to Get Unsecured Business Loans through

March 30, 2016 by Tricia Mcdonald   Comments (0)

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Finding enough funding to pay for your dreams is not always easy. In fact, millions of otherwise economically knowledgeable people struggle when it comes to acquiring low cost unsecured business credit cards from a reputable source. At Fast Unsecured we illuminate the way to financial freedom. We give your company access to exclusive options, allowing you to lock in the money you need through a series of unsecured business lines of credit. Because of our ability to guarantee funding, has become one of the leading sources of legitimate unsecured business credit cards in the industry.
Fast Unsecured Optimizes Client’s Chances of Finding Unsecured Business Lines of Credit
We here at Fast Unsecured realize that all of our clients won’t be coming to us with a squeaky clean credit history. We also know that there are certain important factors considered when an application comes through requesting unsecured business lines of credit. We are happy to take a look at your current credit situation for free, and we will then offer you easy and completely legitimate techniques for optimizing your credit report. With the changes we are able to provide at you can move on to bigger and better things, such as locking in numerous unsecured financing with incredibly low interest rates.
Visit Fast Unsecured for More Information on Getting Solid Unsecured Business Loans
Getting unsecured business lines of credit from a reputable source no longer has to be a daunting task. Real unsecured funding is out there waiting for you. It is time that you see what Fast Unsecured can do for your corporate prospects. Visit our official website at for more information, and be sure watch our comprehensive crash course on your various opportunities with us.

5 Reasons to Build Business Credit with

March 30, 2016 by Kevin Cooper   Comments (0)

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Do you want to build business credit? If your answer is “yes”, you don’t need to look any further. At, we will help you to build business credit and increase your attractiveness in the eyes of lenders. With our guidance and assistance, it will be easier to be approved for a business loan, and hence, you can quickly have the financial resources that you need.

• Get your 80 Paydex
In the case of most lenders, to be approved for a business loan, you need to have a minimum of 80 Paydex credit score. Paydex is the business scale for creditworthiness, like a credit score for your personal credit from the three Bureaus. If you do not meet 80 on the scale of 100, there is no need to be worried as we can extend a helping hand. With confidence, we can say that we will help you attain or exceed this credit score within a span of 45 days. You do not need to wait long before your credit rating will stabilize and will be favorable for lenders.

• Lowest Price Guaranteed
A lot of people may be hesitant about getting outsiders to help build business credit. If you have doubts about our services, one thing that can sooth your nerves is the fact that we can guarantee that our price is the lowest. If you see any other company providing the exact same service at a price that is lower, just show us proof and we will match the rates that they are offering. We offer a flat rate of $1,999 and we charge no back-end fees.

• Free Credit Analysis
To get started, Corporate Cash Credit offers free credit analysis. We do a comprehensive evaluation of the current credit situation of your business. Through this analysis, we will have the basis to plan and propose how your credit rating will be improved to make you more credit-worthy from the point of view of the lenders.

• Insured for your Peace of Mind

Our company takes pride in having a $1.5 million insurance policy, which will provide you with peace of mind. We also have $10,000 surety bond that tells you that we are who we Say we are and we will do what we say we will do. With all of these assurances, there is no reason to hesitate in working with us if you need help in achieving a more favorable credit rating.

• Round-the-Clock Customer Service

At Corporate Cash Credit, we take pride in offering 24/7 customer support. Whether it is late at night or early in the morning, you can get in touch with one of our representatives and seek help on how to build corporate credit.

Contact Us Today and Build Business Credit

If you need to build business credit FAST, get in touch with us at Corporate Cash Credit today. With our help, you will not only be able to build business credit, you will also be connected to the right lenders through our extensive and reliable network, making it so much easier for you to get your funds FAST.
If you want to know more about Build Business Credit with or its clients experience then visit at

Qualifying for Unsecured Business Lines of Credit at

March 30, 2016 by Tricia Mcdonald   Comments (0)

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At Fast Unsecured, we work hard to make acquiring unsecured business lines a credit a walk in the park for you. Although we do have several requirements before we can offer your company unsecured business credit cards, we do have the tools and the patience to walk you through the approval process. At we are capable of finding you as many unsecured business lines of credit as you need, and we can guarantee it. What’s more is that our services have no upfront cost attached – just one more reason why you should rush to find out what Fast Unsecured can do for you.
Ideal Credit Requirements for Getting Unsecured Business Credit Cards through Fast Unsecured
When working with Fast Unsecured to acquire unsecured business lines of credit it is important that you meet all specified requirements before wasting your time with the application. If you are not able to meet the requirements for unsecured business credit cards, then members of the team will work with you to get you ready for qualification. If you are already prepared you will then be asked to:
• Have three years of clean credit history (ask about Seasoned Tradelines to improve this)
• At least 3 open revolving credit accounts
• A 30% revolving debt ratio (or less)
The Fast Unsecured Application Process for Getting Unsecured Business Lines of Credit is Easy
Indeed there will be a few more requirements that you will need to meet before you can apply for unsecured business credit cards, but is ready to walk you through the process. We require only one application for several unsecured business lines of credit, submitting your request to 27 different reputable lenders and giving you the best chance at success. Take a moment to visit the Fast Unsecured website at for more information and to get started on funding your corporate dreams.

Tips on How to Build Business Credit

March 29, 2016 by Kevin Cooper   Comments (0)

Corporate credit, Business credit, Establish business credit, build corporate credit, build business credit

To be able to bring your entrepreneurial endeavor into reality, you will need funding. For some, however, finding the money that they need to grow their business can be a struggle. Without cash on hand, you need good credit. . Good business credit will help to increase the likelihood of being approved for a business loan. If you are wondering how to build business credit, keep on reading and learn from some of the tips that we will share.

Take Care of your Personal Credit

One of the most important things that you should do to build corporate credit is to be mindful of your personal credit score. Make sure that it is not lower than 680. To be able to maintain your credit ratings, you should pay bills on time, keep your debt-to-credit ratio low, and make sure that your credit card balance does grow to over 30% of your limit. All of the investors or business owners must work hard to keep a favorable credit score.

Have a Business Bank Account

While a personal credit rating will have an impact on the credit-worthiness of a business, your company credit is considered as a separate entity. This means that you should have or open a bank account dedicated solely for your business. Having a business credit card and trade credit will also help. Nonetheless, be sure to make timely payments and avoid anything that could harm your business records.

Practice Fiscal Responsibility

Personal credit rating and business credit rating are similar in that in both cases, being responsible is essential. This can be as simple as paying all your bills on time and balancing how much you borrow. More so, to help build business credit, you should also make sure that all financial transactions are properly documented. Refrain from dodgy transactions that can make lenders question your creditability. See to it as well that you have taken care of all requirements for registering your business and in securing all of the permits that you need to operate.

Work with Corporate Cash Credit

If you want to build business credit without a hassle, check out With our expertise, we can help you to build business credit and find the best lenders in the market. We offer a flat rate of $1,999 and your satisfaction is guaranteed. With this, there is no reason to not work with us at We will help you be approved for the loan that you need for your business fast and efficiently! If you want to know more about Corporate Cash Credit or its clients experience then click on

Corporate Cash Credit: Helping you Build Business Credit

March 28, 2016 by Kevin Cooper   Comments (0)

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Applying for a business loan is never an easy feat, especially for those with low credit rating. This is one of the most common reasons why many entrepreneurs struggle in being approved for a loan. Fortunately, there is a way to build business credit in a manner that is quick and effective. This is through which helps in making their clients look great in the eyes of lenders. They have a team of professionals who have the knowledge and expertise to help build business credit and finally be approved for a desired loan.
Why You Should Build Business Credit
Your credit rating plays a critical role in your approval for a business loan. Imagine yourself as the lender. Would you give money to someone who cannot prove his or her capacity to pay the loan? How do you assess a person’s financial ability to pay back on time the amount that has been loaned? The credit rating is a score composed of the state of each financial transaction of an individual. If payments are late, they show up here. If a bankruptcy happens, it is reported here. With this potential history, businesses must invest in being able to build and maintain very good to excellent corporate credit. This will make the process of loan application quicker and less frustrating as the chances of getting approved will be higher.

Reasons to Choose

While there are many options that can be taken into consideration by those who building business credit, Corporate Cash Credit is one of the best choices. For instance, clients are secure in knowing that they only pay a flat rate of $1,999. There are no back-end fees, which makes the cost more practical. We also guarantee that our price is the lowest and also offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you find someone offering a price lower than our rates offering the exact same service, product or benefits, we will match it!

Customer service at its best – this is what we offer for all our clients. We provide a full range of services, which will make everything hassle-free on your end. We will even take care of filling out credit applications. Also, we won’t keep you waiting for a long time. Within as little as 45 days, you will achieve a credit score that will make you more attractive in the eyes of the lenders.
Get credit-worthy. Visit now and find out what we can do to help you build corporate credit. We offer free analysis, which will take you closer towards being approved for a business loan.

How Finds Unsecured Financing for Clients

March 28, 2016 by Tricia Mcdonald   Comments (0)

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It’s about time that you discovered the secrets behind the success of Fast Unsecured. We have been serving people looking for personal funding as well as companies seeking unsecured business credit cards. At we have completely streamlined the process for your convenience. Our experts work tirelessly to hook you up with the most solid unsecured business lines of credit in the industry. In fact, we stand by our claims 100%.
Fast Unsecured Analyzes Your Chances of Getting Unsecured Business Loans
At we take the time to examine your current credit situation for free, in an effort to help you make the most educated decision before opening any unsecured business lines of credit. In addition, our experts can lock in exceptionally low interest rates on your various unsecured business credit cards when they are able to help you optimize your credit scores and meet lenders’ requirements. While we offer more options than anyone else in the industry, we also stand behind our commitment to get you unsecured business lines of credit with no upfront fees.
Fast Unsecured Offers a Full-Service Program for Acquiring Unsecured Business Lines of Credit
The benefits of Fast Unsecured do not stop with a free credit analysis, however. We work with over 27 different lenders to get you approved for at least one (but usually several) unsecured business lines of credit. There is only a 15% Success Fee on the back end, and businesses that are two or more years old with requirements met can also benefit from one our reputable affiliate programs designed to boost your profits and bolster your professional endeavors.
Getting your hands on unsecured business lines of credit does not have to be a headache. Unsecured financing are available if you let Fast Unsecured show you the way. Be sure to visit our official website at for more information, or to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable associates about your various funding options.