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Imagine a phone from the future and Oneplus 2 gives you all that you could ever imagine. Not only is it the best thing for you this year but also the best thing you could acquire in 2016. This is because it has high end features and its price is quite pocket friendly for all. It is a better version of Oneplus One which took the market by storm about a year and a half ago. The technology that has gone into this low cost Chinese smart phone cannot be compared to any other phone of the same price from another brand. The interface of this trending Chinese smart phone is quite user friendly. Oneplus 2 is well proportioned and has no glaring design problems whatsoever.
If you are a lover of big gadgets then this low price Chinese smart phone is just what you need. It has a display of 5.5 inches with a strong metal frame. Its tolerances are much tighter as compared to its predecessor Oneplus One. If you have ever used a Chinese phone before then you can testify to the fact that they are normally quite heavy to carry around. This trending Chinese smart phone although dense with a solid feeling has a feather weight and definitely easy to carry everywhere. The rear cover of Oneplus 2 has specially been made of a sand paper like finish so as to keep the phone from sliding out of hand. If the rough back cover of this trending Chinese smart phone really is not your thing, you can swap it for other alternative designs such as real wood.
Still on display and looks, Oneplus 2 has stood to be the outstanding brand as it is brighter, has better viewing angles as well as better colours. Much as this low cost Chinese smart phone is utilitarian, it has some great features that make it outstanding. Among them is the notification switch found on the left side of the phone. Switching it on and off is so much fun you will find yourself playing around with it often. The fact that most android phones actually lack this feature makes this Oneplus 2 to remain a trending Chinese phone in various countries.
Privacy and security is paramount. As such you are going to love the feature which allows you to access your phone through a finger print scanner. Much as Oneplus 2 provides an option of putting a PIN code or drawing a pattern, l bet you can agree with me that this is not just easy to forget but so is it old school. Other smart phones and Androids do have this feature as well but it often gets depressing. Trying this feature out on this low cost Chinese smart phone will enable you get the difference. Once you have your finger placed on the screen, this trending Chinese smart phone quickly notices it and is in fact accurate.
If you have come across a type-c USB cable then you know the future is here. Oneplus 2 comes with this unique feature that also works as its charging system. This is the only way to charge it. Type-C USB cables have lots of advantages for instance the ability to carry more information and also be plugged in upside down. Unlike most smart phones where you have to keep recharging, this trending Chinese phone has a longer battery life. You can now forget walking around with chargers everywhere you go.
The camera that comes with Oneplus 2 definitely puts other phones to shames. This low cost Chinese smart phone has a great camera that comes in 13 mega pixel. Thanks to its advanced laser auto focus system, Oneplus has the ability to correct all inevitable shakes while taking photos and videos. Even in the brightest of lights, the camera works perfectly. Software updates are coming up to make the camera of this low cost Chinese smart phone outstanding in the market. Another reason Oneplus 2 has remained to be a trending Chinese smart phone is because it has a Snapdragon 810 processor and 4GB of RAM. This can literally handle anything you need. The features and low cost price of Oneplus 2 are absolutely outstanding. An experience with it and you will thank yourself for the wise choice made.

To Buy This Amazing Smart Phone Without Invitation And At Low Cost Please Visit: Helps Clients Achieve and Maintain an 80 Paydex Score

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Unsecured Business Loans, unsecured business lines of credit, 80 paydex

Having good credit is one thing, but as a business owner you must realize that there are so many other considerations you have to make, especially when you are trying to become creditworthy. Owning and operating a business can be a really expensive challenge, and it is very risky when you don’t have the capital to back up your goals. Getting financed for corporate projects is nearly impossible without an 80 Paydex or better. Unfortunately, many business owners disregard the importance of having an 80 Paydex until it is too late. That is why is here to help.

The Toolbox: Achieving an 80 Paydex Score

We know that you will eventually head back out into the world without our assistance. So, we give our clients the tools they need to succeed on their own in a highly competitive world. The knowledge our clients gain through working hands-on with our trained professionals gives our customers the ability to walk away happy and remain poised for a brighter tomorrow. Of course, our representatives are always available should you need our help again in the future. We know that achieving and maintaining an 80 Paydex score is not always easy, but our experts have developed an efficient strategy that makes it possible in as little as 45 days.

The Workbench: Using Your New 80 Paydex Score

Our services do not stop once we get you an 80 Paydex score. In fact, we market a comprehensive program and that is exactly what we deliver. Our experts will guide you through making strategic charges and payments to specific creditors and suppliers, then we will ensure that all those actions are reported to the three major bureaus in a timely manner. Once reported, we will then introduce you to our exclusive network of lenders, giving you the opportunity to gain significant funding through reputable sources. Interestingly, some of our most promising clients have gone on to receive as much as $75,000 in low-interest unsecured business lines of credit.

The Promise: Helping You Maintain Your 80 Paydex Score

At we understand how challenging it can be to keep your Paydex score at an optimal level, especially in the face of adversity. Not only do we give you the insights to boost your corporate credit later, but we charge an extremely competitive fee of just $1,999 for everything. That means you can come back in the future and enjoy the benefits of an 80 Paydex score again when you are ready to apply for unsecured business loans. Simply stop by our official website for your free credit analysis and be sure to speak to one of our representative about how you can get started right away.

How to Get Unsecured Credit Cards within Days

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Unsecured Business Loans, unsecured business lines of credit, unsecured credit cards

When opportunity comes knocking you want to seize it if you can. If you cannot, then you run the risk of becoming irrelevant or defeated in whatever endeavor you pursue. Keeping up with the changes of the world is very important, especially if your goals require the use of unsecured credit cards. However, waiting around for the cash to come to your way can take too long, and opportunities can pass you by quickly. Luckily, there is a way to get unsecured credit cards from some of the nation’s top lenders, and it can be done within a matter of days.
Step One: Have Your Credit Analyzed before You Apply for Unsecured Credit Cards
Knowing where you stand in terms of your credit rating is an essential part of being proactive about your money. Unsecured credit cards can be easy to get, but only if you are credit-ready. At, we provide our clients with a swift and confidential credit analysis for free because we understand the importance of credit awareness. Our team will look over your current credit situation, propose efficient credit clean-up methods if they are needed, and then begin ushering you through the process of getting unsecured credit cards as fast as possible.
Step Two: Apply for Unsecured Credit Cards through Our Network
When applying for unsecured credit cards, nothing spells success quite like submitting your request for funding with the help of a reputable broker such as Not only do we have 27 lenders available but we never ask for any upfront fees. Applying for unsecured credit cards is already scary enough, which is why we have taken all the risk out of it. Our experts fill out all the paperwork for you, submit your application to the most promising lenders, and then get approvals for you within just two days. No worries: if we can’t get you approved we can refer you to one of our sister companies that can get you credit-ready so you can come back to us and try again at a later date.
Step Three: Accept Unsecured Credit Cards in the Amount You Need
When you work with, you get the opportunity to gain as much as $50,000 per lender. Since we can help you prepare your credit, and since we use a single application to apply for funding through our network of lenders, your chances of getting unsecured credit cards is exponentially increased. You will get numerous offers and be able to pick and choose which ones you want to take. Accept as many unsecured credit cards as you need to accomplish your goals and finally feel better about your future. only charges a minimal success fee and your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

Unsecured Business Loans: How to Qualify..

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Unsecured Business Loans, unsecured business lines of credit, unsecured credit cards

Business loans allow business owners to expand their businesses effectively and reliably. But when you’re a new business owner, qualifying for a business loan is something else altogether. And it can often be a confusing process. If you want to qualify for an unsecured business loan from most lenders, read carefully.

The first step is to ensure that your business is at least two years old. For many lenders, a business that’s at least two years old is a somewhat strong business. Most new businesses, after all, fail within their first two years for a variety of reasons. So many lenders, obviously, want to ensure that they can trust you to eventually pay back the loans without going bankrupt. An older business is perceived as less risky. There are two things you can do. Either hold out for two years or bypass the waiting process by purchasing an aged shelf corporation. Either way you’ll be on your way to qualifying for unsecured business loans without question.

Second, you’ll want to make sure your personal credit is strong. Try to have a personal credit score that’s above 700 points. That way, you’ll have an easier time convincing lenders that you’re eligible for unsecured business loans. But if your credit score isn’t all there? Well, no worries. We here at Fast Unsecured offer plenty of options to ensure that you’ll qualify for unsecured business loans. To improve your credit, you may want to consider a seasoned tradeline. This can boost your credit score by ten points or more, which can be a valuable tool in ensuring you can improve your credit score and qualify for unsecured business loans.

Either way, there are plenty of tools out there to help you qualify for unsecured business loans. Just visit us at Fast Unsecured so we can help you figure out the solution for you.

Increasing Your Credit Score, Improving Life

December 17, 2015 by Tricia Mcdonald   Comments (0)

Unsecured Business Loans, unsecured business lines of credit, unsecured credit cards

Consumers are usually skeptical of claims made by companies offering any kind of financial assistance. Such skepticism is often justified because there are so many fraudulent claims and false promises out there in cyberspace. Fortunately, there’s a light in the darkness.
I was looking for ways to improve my rate of success when applying for unsecured credit cards. My credit score is in the low 700s with each of the 3 credit rating agencies, Equifax, Transunion, and Experian. It’s not a terrible score, but I still received far more denials than approvals. So I did a lot of online searching and eventually across
When I first considered using Fast Unsecured, I wondered how they could help me get more approvals and higher credit limit offers than I could get applying on my own. However, because they don’t charge any upfront fees, I gave it a try. I was amazed when the credit card offers started rolling in. I didn’t get approvals across the board, there were some denials, but I certainly received substantially more offers and better rates than I did when applied for credit cards directly myself.
For the most part, you do need to have a good credit history and a credit score above 700 although Fast Unsecured does have a special program for individuals that fall below that threshold. The application process was fast and easy. Fast Unsecured submits all the applications for you. You just need to submit some basic supporting documentation that the lenders ask for. Fast Unsecured fee is quite reasonable and you can pay it with one of the credit cards they help get for you.
Having read through their website, I see that Fast Unsecured also helps corporations and small companies get business credit cards. From my experience with them, and the experiences of friends who have also used them, I have no doubt that Fast Unsecured does an equally good job with business credit card application.
So you should give Fast Unsecured a try, and make sure to wisely use the credit cards they get for you.

Unsecured Business Credit Cards are Worth Considering

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unsecured business card

If you’re a small business owner, chances are you’ve thought about applying for a business credit card. An unsecured business credit card is a popular option for many business owners and it’s no wonder why. With potentially up to fifty thousand or more available on the card, you’ll have the option of using an unsecured business credit card for a variety of purchases that you’ll need to help your business grow or support it during difficult months.

For one, unsecured business credit cards have one benefit that you may not always consider when applying for it. It can help keep your personal and business expenses separate, because they’re on different cards. Never use your unsecured business credit for personal expenses. Business expenses are tax deductible after all and keeping careful records of your business purchases can only benefit you later on.

An unsecured business card can also help you purchase the things you need to help your business grow. If you’re a restaurant owner, an unsecured business card can help you pay for renovations, a must when you need to answer to higher customer demand. Having the proper infrastructure to support your business is a must. And an unsecured business credit card can help you obtain the funds you need to build the necessary infrastructure you need to support your business in a variety of ways.

So if you’re a business owner, do yourself a favor and consider an unsecured business card. It can only help you. As a small business owner, your business is both your livelihood and your passion project. So shouldn’t you provide your business with all the help it needs to grow and thrive? Visit us at Fast Unsecured today to see if you qualify for an unsecured business card

Unsecured Business Credit Cards Are Worth a Look

December 13, 2015 by Tricia Mcdonald   Comments (0)

unsecured credit cards, unsecured business lines of credit, Unsecured Business Loans

When you’re a small business owner, it’s important to make sure that your business has the infrastructure it needs to survive. Whether that’s by ensuring that your waiting room has plenty of chairs, if you’re a medical professional, or by ensuring your kitchen staff has all the necessary equipment, if you own a restaurant, having the equipment and space you need is imperative. Having an unsecured business credit card can help you obtain the things you need to expand and help your business operate without a hitch.

An unsecured business credit card is available from a variety of lenders and creditors. And despite the name, an unsecured business credit card is nothing to worry about. It simply means you need not to worry about posting collateral. An unsecured business credit card, thus, provides more freedom than a secured business credit card.

An unsecured business credit can also help you keep your business and personal expenses separate from each other. This is a must when it comes to filing taxes, which you’ll need to do four times a year as a business, and keeping track of your business expenses.

Don’t go crazy with loans and unsecured business credits though. That can be the worst thing you can do. If a business simply isn’t profitable, ask yourself why. Instead, an unsecured business credit card should be used for two things- helping a profitable business expand and helping it weather one to two months with lower than expected sales. Anything more than two months means something’s seriously wrong and needs to change. Unsecured business credit cards, for expansion purposes and security, are worth a look. And where can you go to help you qualify for one. Fast Unsecured, where we offer excellent customer support and all the tools you need to qualify for an unsecured business credit card.

Why Consider an Unsecured Business Credit Card

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Unsecured Business Loans, unsecured business lines of credit, unsecured credit cards

For many people opening a small business, funding can be a huge concern. Will you have enough funding to operate the business? Will your business survive over the long term? It’s common to ask yourself these kinds of questions when you’re first starting out. Starting a business can be an exciting time but also a highly stressful time. Luckily, you can help minimize your stress as a new business owner with an unsecured business credit card.

An unsecured business credit card allows you to charge all the business expenses you have to worry about right now and have the ability to pay for it later. Unlike a secured business credit card, you won’t need to post collateral or undergo extensive proof of what you’re going to use the funds for. An unsecured business credit card is effective, safe, and while it will require you have an excellent credit score among other requirements, there are plenty of options for you as a business owner.

And improving your credit score and situation doesn’t have to be a hassle either. Qualifying for an unsecured business card from over twenty-seven different lenders can be as easy as visiting Fast Unsecured. Fast Unsecured offers plenty of options to ensure that you, as a business owner, can quickly qualify for an unsecured business card.

From offering options to help you improve your credit score to helping you establish more credit accounts, an unsecured business loan is easily obtainable with a little work. So don’t delay. Fast Unsecured offers plenty of solutions when it comes to helping fund your business with an unsecured business credit card. An unsecured business credit card may be right for you. So what are you waiting for? Pay a visit to Fast Unsecured and see if an unsecured business credit card is right for you.

Engagement Ideas

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You’ll be telling this story to your kids and your grandkids, so you better make sure your proposal story is a good one. There are so many good engagement ideas so you need to be unique and romantic. We’ll assist you in doing so, our experience in this field gives us an edge on what to expect from a proposal. Of course, every person is different and we cannot guarantee a positive answer. However, we will create the atmosphere most suitable for resulting in a “Yes”.
So, how does it work? A detailed quiz will be sent to you and based on your answers we will create appropriate engagement ideas. We work one on one with you and will take every detail of your relationship into consideration. We will create 3 different engagement proposal ideas for you, equipped with a list of suitable venues and a detailed map. Leaving the most important part for you – popping the question. Our team will support you during the entire process, making sure that your table is reserved, flowers are picked up and the ring is in your pocket.

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Marriage Proposal Ideas

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Finding a creative marriage proposal idea is tough, it is very important to be original but to also not over do it. Make it personal; bring her to the place where you had your first date, or where you first kissed. Use your friends and family to help you organize the perfect day for your future wife.
Don’t want to be that obvious? Not sure if your relatives can keep it a secret? Running out of ideas? That’s where we come in. We will build marriage proposal ideas based on your relationship. We will help you organize the perfect proposal, not only for your significant other but also for you. We aim to relieve the stress of what often can be a mentally exhausting process. Not to mention that we are a New York based company. With our knowledge of the city, we can recommend some of the most intimate and charming locations that New York has to offer.

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