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What is Your Mantra?

Ari Moffic
1998 days ago

Do you have one value that you prize among all others that you hope your child(ren) emulate? Why do you care the most about this value or trait? Is it based on a religious virtue?

Jamie Manewith
1997 days ago

Above all, I want my children to be nice! It is so important I teach them to be open to working with/being friends with all types of people. I look back on my grade school days and am angry that I never stood up for the kids who were "made fun" of. I never participated in any bullying, but I also never stopped it. I hope my children are not afraid to voice themselves when they see someone being treated poorly. Compassion is very evident in the Jewish community I live in. If someone is sick or has passed or has a new baby, there is always an outpouring of help and offerings. Leading by example has been a wonderful way to get my children involved.

william guth
1961 days ago

I would like for my children, or step-children in this case to respect the personal space of others and know when to show respect in the presence of elders, and strangers. Knocking on doors before entering a room even when the door is open, or when they think no one is there. Listening to your music at a respectful level, even with headphones, when riding the bus or train. Closing the door completely when using the bathroom, so that others nearby or passing are not privvy to your business. Getting up to ask someone the question you've so rudely yelled down the hall. Not stomping or running in the apartment or office, because there are people below you. Not helping yourself to more than half or all of the item you like and not leaving enough for others to enjoy. These are silly examples, and there are so many more, but being aware of your own presence, and the presence of others, and being respectful as well as mindful.

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