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Prayer for the Lake

Ari Moffic
1990 days ago

This is a week when many kids are done with school and camp has not yet started. If you find yourselves spending time at the beach, consider sharing this blessing with your children.

The Mishna (Hebrew word meaning repetition) is a major text in Judaism. It reflects debates between 1st century B.C.E. and 2nd century C.E. by a group of rabbinic sages. It lists various natural landmarks that warrant the recitation of a blessing: "Upon seeing mountains and hills and seas and rivers and deserts one recites the benediction, Blessed are You, God, Ruler of the universe, who makes the work of creation."

Ask your children to write a poem or prayer about the vast Lake Michigan that they gaze at and share it here. What does articulating awe do for even a young soul?

Jamie Manewith
1990 days ago

I'm going to discuss this with my children tonight!

Benjamin Maron
1987 days ago

There are other nature-based blessings of thanks and awe as well. Check out Blessings For All Occasions for more, part of our Blessings Resource Page.

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