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Did you have a bar or bat mitzvah?

Ari Moffic
1961 days ago

There is a new organization in town called ChaiMitzvah. They offer a chance for adults (at least 13 years after the bar/bat mitzvah typically occurs) to engage or re-engage in Judaism. They form groups of 8-10 people who meet monthly for 8 months of Jewish study and social justice. Each person in the group also takes on a new spiritual practice over the months.

A new group for interfaith couples is forming this fall. Either the Jewish partner or partner who isn't Jewish or didn't grow up Jewish can join in (or both partners can join). An informational meeting is taking place in Northbrook on July 24.

The question of the week is: Share a good memory of your bar/bat mitzvah or share what it would mean for you to now engage in Jewish study and a mitzvah project!

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