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Are You Signing Up the Kids For Religious School?

Ari Moffic
1587 days ago

Do you have young children? Are you still wondering about joining a synagogue and signing your kids up for religious school to start in September? What other activities have you already signed your kids up for? What are your hesitations about this process? If you have just enrolled children in religious school for the first time, share your experience and your motivations here!

Emilie D
1586 days ago

I think about this all the time and it's soon going to be too late if I don't sign up our 3 year old! Our local Reform congregation has a preschool program open to no members but when I inquired about it and explained our interfaith situation I was told a child can only be one thing so I need to make up my mind. We didn't get her baptized, we're not planning to enroll her in a formal education program at my church, but I do want to take her to church on special occasions like holidays and her Grandma's birthday. Does that mean I'm trying to make her two things? Fact of the matter is our family kind of is two things. Anyhow I am stuck. Definitely want her to get a formal religious education, would prefer that it is Jewish, but I'm not willing to entirely sacrifice the traditions and feelings on my side of the family.

Ari Moffic
1585 days ago

How frustrating! Has this happened to anybody else? Do you think if you had said that you want to raise her with Judaism in your interfaith family that the Preschool Director (is that who you spoke to?) would have said, "Welcome in?"

Emilie D
1581 days ago

So an update... I went anD talked with the education director at the same synagogue and we had a wonderful conversation. She has worked with lots of interfaith families and says there is no issue if a child occasionally accompanies a grandparent to church though they would not allow a child to be simultaneously enrolled in both Jewish and Christian religious education programs, which is understandable. Anyhow we are going to give it a shot. Thanks for the nudge in the right direction!

Ari Moffic
1580 days ago

The fact that you were so honest with the Jewish preschool about what your family is thinking about in terms of religion and the questions you still have, and now their willingness to be open and flexible is fantastic. Thanks for sharing!

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