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Summer Weddings!

Ari Moffic
1926 days ago

In Chicago, the wedding season largely wraps up in October. There are fewer weddings in the winter here than in the spring, summer and fall months because of the weather.

If you just got married, are planning for your upcoming wedding, or celebrated an anniversary this summer, we ask you to take a minute to reflect on the Jewish prayers and symbols you may have had in your wedding. What was the most meaningful Jewish piece that you included (ketubah, chuppah, seven blessings, sharing a sip of wine, breaking the glass at the end)? Did the side of your family that isn’t Jewish understand and appreciate the symbol as well? Did you take the time to explain what the symbol or tradition means?

If you haven’t checked out our wedding guide, you can access it here ( If you are recently married or getting married and want to participate in our next Love and Religion – Online workshop, you can register here (

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