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Latino and Friends Chavurah

Franklin Velazquez
2681 days ago

I have many dreams about expanding Judaism among the Latino population. At times, I feel that having a Spanish speaking Chavurah would be a great start. Sometimes I dream of an English speaking Chavurah of Latinos and friends. Share your views about the desirability of having a holy space in which to dream dreams and to share our beliefs. Oneg would include queso blanco con dulce de guayava. Strong coffee would be the norm. We would be giving each other plenty of hugs and saludos. I dream that we can some day do this. A congregation that understands the Latino world and our need for social and racial justice. A congregation that sings in ancient Hebrew and Spanish. Mi gente, que creen ustedes? Let us celebrate our Judaism in a cultural way that makes sense, con amor y pasion. Let us bring out the flan for oneg. Let us send our songs into the Universe and let us listen in silence to the Holy One saying estoy con ustedes. Los amo a todos. Que dios este con ustedes en este dia de los padres.