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Congregation Beit Chaverim of Calvert County - Trip to Washington Hebrew and Adas Israel

January 7, 2014 by Rabbi Arnold Saltzman   Comments (0)

Congregation Beit Chaverim of Calvert, Maryland visits Washington Synagogue and Temple

Sunday January 12, 2014

Congregation Beit Chaverim religious school students and parents will visit the Washington Hebrew Congregation to see the 'Voices of the VIgil' photographic exhibit of the Vigil and struggle for Soviet Jewry. There is a history of the vigil and it includes a photo of me conducting a choir across from the Soviet Embassy. The photo was originally in the Washington Post and is now part of the Jewish Historical Society collection. The poster for the vigil includes one of the photos I took during those years to document what we were doing. A collection of my photos and description of those years was given to the Historical Society for their archives.

Our students will read through the exhibit and and think about the importance of these events: How many years did they go on? Who participated? What was the role of our government in opening up emigration?
Did the Vigil effect our government's actions? Who protested? What did they look like? Did other religious groups participate? How many people have emigrated since then? To Israel? Elsewhere? What was the Jackson-Vanik Ammendment?

About the Washington Hebrew Congregation - Its history; tour the building; Sanctuary and Chapel; What is the Reform Moevement? What did you like most? Would you join a congregation like this if you lived in the city?

Coming from communities where there no synagogue buildings, we have taken the view of a school without walls, by visiting a number of congregations and learning from other communities.

These visits are a follow up to our visit to 6th and Historic Synagogue in Washington, DC

Part II: Visit Adas Israel - Review the history; Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke here; What is synagogue architecture? How is this different from Washington Hebrew? What is Conservative Judaism? Would you join Adas if you lived in the city? What should a synagogue accomplish during a year?

Jewish/Catholic wedding on June 5

June 7, 2010 by Claire G. Metzger   Comments (0)

Last Saturday, I co-officiated at a beautiful wedding ceremony at Curtis Farm in Wilton, New Hampshire. The bride is Catholic and the groom is Jewish, and I co-officiated with a wonderful and welcoming Priest from Bedford, NH. The wedding was in an open field with a view of the mountains and fortunately, the weather was warm and sunny, even though rain was in the forecast. I believe that both families were very happy with the ceremony, and a great time was had by all.


November 21, 2009 by avery mcdonald   Comments (1)


is it possible for a person to convert to reform judaism when their partner is not?

Wedding of Shannon Reed and Alex Iosevich

October 7, 2009 by Justin Kerber   Comments (0)

I was the m'sader kiddushin (officiant) at the marriage of Shannon Reed and Alex Iosevich. It was an intermarriage in more ways than one -- Shannon's family is from rural Missouri and the wedding was held on her parents' farm outside of Jefferson City, MO. Alex is from the former Soviet Union, and most of his guests were, as well. It's quite a sight to see so many people from the FSU sitting on hay bales at an outdoor wedding! But many people on both sides were not very familiar with Jewish traditions, and all seemed grateful for the explanations I provided. I look forward to more such happy occasions.