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Susie Field 1054 days ago, Comments (0),   (Detail)

Read about Rabbi Fox Sandmel, not only a Rabbi at Temple Sholom, but also deeply involved with the International Jewish Committee on Interreligious Consultations.

Kathy Bloomfield 1296 days ago, Comments (0),   (Detail)

The first article I ever published on a website. Her at

Ari Moffic 1327 days ago, Comments (0),   (Detail)

I love this article. It reminds me about the messiness of identity and I think would resonate for many in LR, for example and open discussion.

Wendy Armon 1404 days ago, Comments (0),   (Detail)

Interesting discussion of the dynamics of a relationship when someone converts.

Wendy Armon 1406 days ago, Comments (0),   (Detail)

A woman describes how her marriage changes when her husband converts.