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Rabbi Seth Castleman 287 days ago, Comments (0),   (Detail)

Inside the relationship of Rabbi Seth and his wife, Rev. Elizabeth Griswold, and how their union enhances their work as clergy. Published in the J. The Jewish News of Northern California, September 16, 2016.

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Regan Kibbee 495 days ago, Comments (0),   (Detail)

"Different aspects of Passover resonate with different people, but the themes of freedom and liberation make it the most accessible holiday to Jews and non-Jews alike..." [Sholem] members include atheists like Jeffrey Kaye. There are "spiritual humanists" like Alan Blumenfeld, who says he believes in "some sense of supernatural being," and his wife, Katherine James, who calls herself a "pagan Christian." There are young and old, white and black and Asian; about half of Sholem's members are intermarried couples who say the group has welcomed them with open arms.

To Sholem members, Jewish identity is rooted not in religion but in a rich history, culture and tradition. The Sholem haggada, or Seder liturgy, is liberally sprinkled with Yiddish as well as Hebrew and offers scientific as well as traditional explanations for the ritual food: the bitter herbs, it says, are eaten not only to recall the bitterness of slavery but also because in former times such herbs would counteract the effects of spoiled food...

Regan Kibbee 497 days ago, Comments (0),   (Detail)

More than a fifth of American Jews say they have no religion but identify themselves as being Jewish...
McLaughlin was also relieved that Sholem welcomed intermarried couples, who are especially common among nonreligious Jews...