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Article about Rabbi Cantor Betcher accomplishments in growing a URJ Congregation in Cedar Park, TX

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For over 20 years, the University of Central Florida (UCF) has offered courses in Judaic Studies within its College of Arts and Humanities. The courses are taught by a very learned and engaging faculty.

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This site discusses my approach to creating beautiful, meaningful interfaith weddings. It also discusses my commitment to flexibility in customizing and personalizing Jewish wedding ceremonies in general.

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A "Shiva Registry" is a free private page where funeral and shiva information is posted to share with friends and relatives. When complete, the link can be emailed, texted, tweeted or posted on Facebook, so those who wish to express their condolences can know how to do so.
The Shiva Registry answers who, where and when with interactive directions and features a calendar to view/post/find food for each day of shiva. Charity links facilitate memorial donations. Creating a Shiva Registry lessens unnecessary phone calls to mourners, confusion and wasted food.

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How do we respond to the growing number of children from interfaith families in our schools? How do we support the Jewish choices made by interfaith families while nurturing the Jewish identity of all children in our classrooms? What policy and curricular issues arise as we respond to the new realities of Jewish life? This full day program will integrate interactive text study, peer discussion and strategy planning sessions with fellow clergy, educators, Jewish professionals and lay leaders collectively addressing the multiplicity of contemporary challenges faced by children, families and teachers in our schools.
Date/Dates November 17 2011

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Learn more about the only Secular Humanistic Jewish community in Colorado!

Sharon Rosen 2215 days ago, Comments (0),   (Detail) is a free resource to help Jewish mourners, their families and those wishing to express their condolences.
Visit this website to learn about Jewish traditions and the custom of sitting shiva. You can create a "Shiva Registry" to notify friends & realatives of funeral & shiva details with a calendar to view/post food for each day, make memorial donations, send a message of condolence or sympathy gift, find delicatessens/restaurants to deliver shiva food, identify helpful resources and receive an emailed Yahrzeit Reminder.