Isaac M. Wise Temple

8329 Ridge Road
Cincinnati, OH 45236
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Admin:   Isaac Wise

About Us:

We believe that Judaism offers people a path to life filled with meaning, with joy, and with deep roots from the past that can guide us today. We strive to offer a variety of programs, resources, and opportunities for engagement with that Jewish journey, no matter where you may find yourself at this time. Participating in our congregational life offers each person a genuine sense of community, the opportunity to deepen one’s spiritual connection, and to engage with ideas and ideals that bring meaning and value to one’s life. Our congregation prides itself on the fact that we embrace diversity. Through our programs and activities, our congregation is inherently sensitive to the differing situations that comprise the life stories of our members. For example, some households have two adults who grew up Jewish; others have at least one adult who came to Judaism later in life – either formally (through conversion) or informally (choosing to be part of a Jewish home while not converting to the religion). We provide each of our members numerous ways to find connections to a vibrant Jewish community.

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Religion: Jewish - Reform
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