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Welcome to Mezuzah Scrolls™ from Israel, over the past decade our team have made a thorough selection of dedicated and certified Sofer Stam Scribes from Jerusalem, to provide you with authentic handwritten, strictly kosher and reasonably priced Mezuzah Scrolls For thousands of years in Jewish homes around the world we have kept this practice for protecting ourselves and our households in accordance of HaShem’s commandment. With our brand NEW Mezuzah Scrolls online site we are dedicated on promoting and help anyone anywhere connected to the web to directly get and share their own kosher Mezuzah made in Israel Literally taking hours of work to write every single one, these holy scrolls are made with devotion and sanctity, handling, affixing and even disposing your Mezuzah must be done with respect and special attention. If you require more in-depth information on authenticity, writing translation, parchment and ink used, we invite you to read through ‘Mezuzah Scrolls’ sidebar links or Contact us for more information

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