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The 2030 Project is a program of the Jewish Federation of San Diego County. It began as a research project in May of 2011 to find out what is going on for young adults here in San Diego what the needs are of that population. We talked to young adults to find out what they wanted and the 2030 Project is working to help meeting their needs. It serves as an umbrella for all the groups or organizations working with 20s and 30s Jews in San Diego to help support them and get out information about their programs and events to a larger audience. It was created to help 20s and 30s young Jewish adults in San Diego connect to Judaism, Jewish community and each other. We do this by providing resources to empower young adult Jews to create their own experiences through grants and leadership development opportunities. We support young adult groups in San Diego through grant making, professional development, encouraging communication and collaboration between groups and maintaining the 2030 Project website.

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