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Chai Mitzvah deepens Jewish engagement and builds community through 5 simple steps. With the guidance of professional and lay leadership, individuals create their own program in order to: • Learn about their heritage • Participate in a new ritual • Engage in social action • Join a community discussion • Celebrate your achievement! Chai Mitzvah is open to all first time participants of any age. (After that, it is celebrated roughly every 18 years after the traditional age of Bar or Bat Mitzvah, between the ages of 26 and 33, 46 and 52, 64 and 70, and 80+.) Participants: • Pick what they want to study, what new ritual they want to learn, what social action they want to engage in. • Decide how much or how little they want to commit to. • Decide where and how they want to grow. Chai Mitzvah, a life cycle ritual, is an emerging, innovative framework to deepen Jewish engagement and build community. With hundreds of active participants and in several cities throughout the United States, including 5 Chai Mitzvah groups in Israel, Chai Mitzvah is rapidly growing. New Interfaith Chai Mitzvah groups are forming in synagogues and organizations throughout the country, and we welcome people of interfaith marriages & families to join us for both discussion, a social action project, and studying new rituals that can be interwoven throughout your life cycle experiences. Feel free to contact us!

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Check out Chai Mitzvah can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. We can be reached at or reach the office at 860-206-8363


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