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What is Reboot? Reboot is a catalyst to catalysts. Every generation must grapple with the questions of Jewish identity, community and meaning on its own terms. Reboot exists to facilitate that process for this and future generations – providing the tools and methodologies to help ‘reboot’ inherited tradition and make it vital, resonant and meaningful in modern life. Founded in 2002, Reboot engages and inspires young, Jewishly-unconnected cultural creatives, innovators and thought-leaders who, through their candid and introspective conversations and creativity, generate projects that impact both the Jewish and non-Jewish worlds.

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Where is Reboot? Reboot is based in New York, with staff and programs in San Francisco and Los Angeles. But Reboot projects are intended to provide our peers with innovative new tools that inspire open conversation anywhere in the world. What are the values of Reboot? Reboot believes that every generation has the responsibility to define issues of identity, community, and meaning on its own terms. Reboot seeks to catalyze conversations around these issues with no talking heads, no assumptions and no predetermined outcome. Do I have to be Jewish to Reboot? Of course not. Many of the key issues in the conversations we foster are universal: the evolution of community; the preference of our generation for networks over institutional interactions; a desire to explore meaning; the emergence of DIY, pick-and-choose culture, etc… It’s true that we ask questions from a Jewish perspective, but we relish the opportunity to learn from other traditions in addition to our own. What is the Reboot Network? The Reboot Network consists of approximately 400 individuals who have been awarded a fellowship to attend Reboot‘s annual Summit in Utah. What is the Reboot Summit? The Reboot summit is an annual event held in Park City, Utah. The conversation about Jewish identity begins here and, when shepherded properly, ends up impacting the national or global conversation about all things Jewish.The philosophy of the summit is quite simple: We believe there are no easy ways to understand generational changes in identity, community and meaning. So we convene an eclectic and creative mix of people from the literature, entertainment, media, technology, politics, social action and academic realms, and give them room to question without assumption, and with no preconceived outcomes, to see what, if anything, emerges. We use a conference methodology called Open Space, where the questions of the participants drive the agenda. Participants for each year’s summit are nominated by past participants. In the wake of the summit, participants have formed informal local networks and forged creative collaborations –- book projects, large-scale public events, documentary films, a record label — that are committed to finding ways to bring the ethos of the Reboot experience, that of open and honest conversation, to other Jews, Judaism and the world at large.


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