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A Traveling Jewish Theatre's mission is to create and perform original works of theatre, as an ensemble and in collaboration with theatre artists from a variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds, that contribute to a generous vision of the human condition. ATJT looks for connections where others see separation. This unique artist-led ensemble has, over the past nineteen years, created a body of work that defies categorization. In the polyglot tradition of Jewish culture, ATJT speaks many languages. It speaks poetry and it speaks story. It speaks secular Yiddish humanism and ecstatic mysticism. It speaks world history and women's wisdom. It speaks jazz and sacred chant. It speaks Jewish and it speaks American. 'Times Like These' is a play about acting, both onstage and in life, about performance as a political tool and, in a sense, politics as a perversion of performance. It's also, as the words "Like These" in the title indicate, a play -- though based on the fates of a leading German Jewish actress and her "Aryan" actor husband in 1930s Berlin -- that is meant to serve less as a historical drama than as a wake-up call for our own times."

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