B'nai Emet Synagogue

About Us:

B'nai Emet Synagogue is a Conservative Jewish congregation where Judaism comes alive through inspiring religious, educational, and social programming designed to meet the evolving needs of our diverse congregants. It is a place where tradition is valued and innovation and creativity are appreciated and accepted. Congregants of all ages find a sense of belonging at B'nai Emet through tefilah (prayer), Torah (learning), tikkun olam (social justice), and kehilah (community).

B'nai Emet is a place where Judaism lives in full color; progressive, spirited, vibrant and alive. A place where we find meaning and purpose; where we find ourselves spiritually inspired and Judaically fulfilled.

Everyone is welcome. A place that welcomes people with diverse lifestyles, backgrounds, or abilities seeking a Jewish connection and offering a Jewish experience to anyone who is interested. A place where we find an open and friendly community; a warm and comfortable home; a family.

Everyone feels inspired to participate in their own way, at their own comfort level. A place where all members are encouraged and expected to participate in creating an active and involved Jewish community.

Strong and caring lay and professional leadership connects with the congregation to inspire participation and involvement and foster a sense of belonging within our community.

Innovation and creativity foster religious and spiritual growth. A place that recognizes the changing needs of the community and seeks opportunities to grow. A place that's not only concerned about what it is, but what it can be.

Jewish education is a part of life; from preschool through adult programming.

All members are encouraged to experience Tzedakah through involvement in supportive community activities, innovative social action programming, and on-going community connections. A place where members feel connected to the congregation, the greater Jewish community, the community at large and Israel through acts of loving kindness and social responsibility.

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