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Chicago, IL 60610
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About Us:

Since 1982, Chicago Sinai Congregation has opened its hearts and doors to couples confronting one of the most challenging dilemmas of family and faith - the reconciliation of deep personal love with the significant spiritual, religious, and cultural differences inherent in interfaith marriage. Sinai has been at the forefront in responding to this modern challenge - offering interfaith couples compassion, understanding and a unique human perspective that embraces those of all faiths - providing a spiritual home to Jew and non-Jew alike.

More than 500 couples have participated in our Outreach Program since its inception. Over one-fourth of our members are interfaith couples. They are here not because one or the other was forced to convert or to pledge that their children would be raised as Jews. Rather, they are here because they found in Sinai a community of faith committed to helping them on their spiritual journey together.

Sinai's response to the interfaith challenge stands as testimony to the power of compassion, caring and open minds, open hearts and open doors in addressing these concerns. We have created a truly special Congregation - one in which the vast majority of children born to interfaith couples are named in the Temple and raised in committed Jewish homes.

We invite and encourage prospective interfaith couples to attend our Outreach Program, and to meet with our Rabbis and interfaith members. This program is not about proselytizing or conversion. It is about spiritual need and truly reflects the values of Classical Reform Judaism. Please call, email, or visit our website for further information.

If you have questions about the experience of membership as an interfaith family at Chicago Sinai, please reach out to one of the congregation's interfaith family members, Marv Pollack, at

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