Congregation Jewish Community North

About Us:

At Congregation Jewish Community North something sacred happens every moment.

CJCN cares about your soul and your personal quest, helping you answer questions like: "Who am I?" "Where do I belong?' "How can I change the world?" But also questions like: "Who are we?" "How can we serve one another?" "How can our actions brighten our world?"

CJCN is a place for you to atone, to bring yourself "at-one" with God while glorifying the heavens and bringing God's presence closer to us, to Jews around the world, and to all peoples of the earth. Join us and make more than a life-choice, make your choice for life.

When disaster strikes or crisis invades your family, the community, and the world, your CJCN family is there for you.

We have many educational programs for those looking to explore Judaism. We also have a conversion program.

At CJCN you and your family are welcomed into our larger family of caring and sharing.

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Religion: Jewish - Reform


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