East 55th Street Conservative Synagogue

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Our Vision We want to be a thriving community known as the premier synagogue for people seeking a transformative, loving, and challenging expression of Judaism. We will provide opportunities for prayer, learning, communal caring, and social action, within a Conservative Jewish framework, all of which will reflect and nurture the integration of personal meaning, individual growth, and communal responsibility. Our membership will be diverse in background, demography, and level of knowledge, but will be characterized by a consistently high level of commitment and engagement, openness, kindness, generosity of spirit, good-heartedness, and a hunger to learn and grow. Those entering our synagogue will be immediately struck by the level of intellectual, spiritual and emotional depth of our membership, our leadership, our staff, our publications, and all of our services, programs and activities. All those who encounter our community will emerge with new insight into and/or a stronger connection to God, Torah, the people Israel, and/or the State of Israel. We will have strong relationships with other Jewish and non-Jewish organizations which share our values, through which we will both learn and teach, and give and receive assistance.

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