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The Grandparents Circle is an education and support program for Jewish grandparents whose adult children have intermarried. The Grandparents Circle was created by the Jewish Outreach Institute. There are three ways to participate in the Grandparents Circle, all of them FREE:

Grandparents Circle: The Course - a five-session program for Jewish grandparents whose children are intermarried that offers participants skills and techniques to share their Jewish heritages and nurture their interfaith grandchildren's Jewish identities. Sessions address techniques for listening and talking to adult children, ways to incorporate Judaism into everyday conversations, and how to create new Jewish memories around the holidays and the home.

Grandparents Circle National Listserve - an online discussion group that allows Jewish grandparents with interfaith grandchildren to share their experiences with each other; as easy as sending email! The National Listserve is a place to ask questions and get practical answers. The listserve is open to all Jewish grandparents with interfaith grandchildren whether or not they have taken the course.

Fun Family Events - drop-in celebrations surrounding the holidays that grandparents can invite their grandchildren to attend.

You can join the listserve or get more information about Grandparents Circle by visiting the website at

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