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Firelech, the Yiddish word for spark, describes the Jewish Musical Theatre Firelech and its explosive entrance onto the Jewish cultural entertainment scene in Boston, Massachusetts. Established in September 2000, it has its roots in another Jewish Group Firelech. This earlier music and dance ensemble was organized in 1971 in Vilnius, Lithuania. It became well known for its performances of Jewish folk songs and dances in the former Soviet Union and around the world with shows in Russia, Israel, Japan, Sweden, Poland, Germany, Belgium, and Holland. The link between these two groups is Anna Kravets, the former artistic director and choreographer of the Vilnius Firelech and the current CEO and President of the Jewish Musical Theatre Firelech.

In July 1999, Anna Kravets immigrated to the United States with her family. She wanted to carry on the Firelech tradition in Boston, MA and in September 2000, became one of the founding members of the Jewish Musical Theatre Firelech. Firelech is an all-volunteer troupe of musicians and performers that are enthusiastic fans of Yiddish and Israeli music and culture.

Firelech is a truly unique organization with a unique mission - to create a Jewish community theatre with a studio for dancers, singers, and actors. The studio and theatre are important in teaching adults, children and youth (Jews and non-Jews) about Jewish heritage and traditions. Firelech is important to the Boston community (and hopefully beyond) because it welcomes all artists and students to learn Jewish culture and traditions. It provides an opportunity for everyone to celebrate and feel pride in Jewish history. Firelech invites everyone in the community to share the richness of the Jewish experience. If Firelech is successful, Boston will be the first city to have this one of a kind Jewish cultural organization. The Jewish Musical Theatre Firelech has performed three original performances since its inception in September 2000. Firelech operates on the proverbial shoestring. Firelech volunteers write scripts, compose musical scores, and design costumes and sets. Other aspects of theater production including budgeting, bookkeeping and other operational tasks are also done by volunteers.

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