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Are you a Mom raising Jewish children but you're not Jewish yourself? Let us help! Come and join the Mothers Circle!

Mothers Circle is a free program created by the Jewish Outreach Institute to educate and empower women to effectively transmit Jewish values to their children.

Mothers Circle respects your personal religious choices and appreciates the gift you are giving to the Jewish community and your commitment to a Jewish home. (This is not a conversion course)

JOIN the Mothers Circle, an educational and supportive course introducing Jewish values, culture, ethics and the "how to's" of creating a Jewish home. The course meets twice a month and creates a comfortable space for women to learn about Judaism, explore Jewish holidays and rituals and discover ways to enrich their families' Jewish experience. The course will include such topics as parenting a Jewish child, how to create the warmth and flavor of a Jewish home and the cycle of Jewish holidays.

Grandparents Circle (fall 08)

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